Bitcoin’s Potential 20% Gain Amid US Banking Crisis: Boon or Risk?

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In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, analysts are constantly on the lookout for the next significant shift in market trends. Recent data from crypto financial service platform Matrixport points to an intriguing possibility – a narrowing wedge pattern that has been forming over the past three weeks is expected to break to the upside. If the breakout occurs, it could lead to a substantial 6,100-point increase in the price of Bitcoin, potentially reaching $35,000-$36,000. This would mean an impressive 20% gain from the current price.

This uptrend comes amid the Fed raising interest rates by another 25bps, considered to be the last hike in this cycle. The resulting setup is believed by many experts to have the potential to trigger a robust rally in the crypto market. At the same time, liquidity injections and government guarantees are needed to counteract the failing banking sector, leading some to consider that Bitcoin has a chance to flourish amidst the ongoing banking crisis in the United States.

Furthermore, the most recent earnings season has demonstrated a resurgence in stock buybacks. Projections for 2022 indicate that buybacks could reach an astonishing $1 trillion. This emerging trend could have a ripple effect beyond the stock market, possibly benefiting risk assets, including cryptocurrencies.

However, not everything is cause for celebration in the crypto sphere. Despite Bitcoin’s price reclaiming the $29,000 mark, its trading volume has experienced a notable decline. Nevertheless, the path towards higher values appears to face minimal resistance, leaving room for growth.

Other factors supporting a possible uptrend include a record-high number of transactions on the Bitcoin network and nearly 1 million active addresses. These promising trends highlight the continuous growth and development taking place within the cryptocurrency industry.

As the crypto market moves forward, it’s essential for enthusiasts and investors alike to remain informed about these emerging trends and potential shifts. The impact of the ongoing banking crisis in the U.S., the recent rise in stock buybacks, and the array of factors pointing to an uptrend for Bitcoin could indicate exciting opportunities and developments ahead. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to approach these possibilities with caution and a critical eye, as the market remains, as always, unpredictable.

Source: CryptoPotato

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