WazirX Embraces Meme Coins, CoinDCX Resists: Market Potential vs Investment Risks Debate

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India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, WazirX, has finally yielded to the growing demand for meme coins and listed PEPE after numerous requests from the Indian crypto community. The exchange took to Twitter on May 6 to announce that deposits for PEPE meme coin are now live and users can deposit their coins on the platform. WazirX will begin trading for PEPE once deposit levels reach a sufficient amount, and a further announcement will be made soon.

The popularity of meme coins cannot be ignored as their prices continue to soar. WazirX has previously listed other meme coins like FLOKI, which saw significant growth after being listed on Binance.US and Binance. The listing of PEPE follows a similar path, with the coin’s price currently at $0.00000287, up 50% in the last 24 hours and a staggering 800% in just a week.

However, not every exchange shares the enthusiasm for meme coins. CoinDCX, another leading Indian crypto exchange, has denied listing PEPE, citing investment risks for users. CoinDCX CEO Sumit Gupta stated that despite the hype and listing by top exchanges, the company has decided not to list PEPE. He highlighted the limited on-chain liquidity on Uniswap as the primary challenge with PEPE and said that the exchange will continue to monitor the market and list assets that offer value to its users.

“We take our responsibility as a trusted platform very seriously, and we believe that listing PEPE could potentially put our users’ investments at risk,” Gupta elaborated. This cautious approach is an indicator that not everyone is sold on the potential value of meme coins, and some exchanges are putting the safety of their users first – a prudent decision in an ever-changing market landscape.

While the crypto market is no stranger to sudden spikes and declines, the recent surge in popularity of meme coins has unveiled a potential area for conflict within the community. On one side, it has propelled trading volumes and brought new users into the crypto space. On the other hand, it raises concerns about market manipulation, potential pump-and-dump schemes, and investment risks – making meme coin trading a divisive topic for many.

Overall, the decision of WazirX to list PEPE serves as a nod to the undeniable potential held by meme coins, but the contrasting decision by CoinDCX highlights the importance of exercising caution. As the market continues to evolve, it will be crucial for users to stay informed and make well-researched decisions when investing in cryptocurrency.

Source: Coingape

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