Bitget Pledges $10 Million to Supercharge Ecosystem: AI Boom, Opportunities, and Debate on Blockchain Integration

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On April 27, Bitget announced a $10 million pledge for the development of the ecosystem, aiming to provide a range of services including marketing consultations and strategic directions., an infrastructure powered by an AI agent network, offers service automation with autonomous agents performing tasks such as data analysis and complex financial modeling. This move is the latest in riding the AI boom driven by platforms like ChatGPT.

Bitget’s Managing Director, Gracy Chen, praised for its functioning and applicable technological AI solutions, which prompted their decision to support the startup.’s founder and CEO, Humayun Sheikh, believes that the opportunities for applying blockchain to AI are limitless, as the company uses decentralized machine learning algorithms to deliver innovative software solutions to users.

Bitget, established in 2018 and currently ranked 8th for trust score according to CoinGecko, recently announced a $100 million venture fund focused on investing in primarily Asian Web3 and crypto projects. Seychelles-based Bitget handles $735 million in daily trade volume and offers 548 crypto trading pairs, with a claimed user base of 8 million. The exchange’s native token, BGB, rose by over 4% after the news.

The FET token, however, experienced little movement, trading at $0.347. This partnership raises questions about the integration of AI with blockchain technology, presenting both opportunities and potential drawbacks. While AI-powered services can improve efficiency and precision in various applications, concerns about security and ethical use of AI within the crypto market remain.

The adoption of AI by major financial players, like JPMorgan, demonstrates the growing trend towards AI technology in the financial sector. JPMorgan’s AI tool based on ChatGPT, which analyzes Federal Reserve policy statements and derives a “Hawk-Dove Score,” is designed to detect potential trading signals. Although this tool can predict central bank monetary policy tightening, the debate regarding AI’s influence in the financial world is ongoing.

In summary, Bitget’s $10 million pledge to support the ecosystem highlights the growing interest in AI development within the realm of blockchain technology. While the integration of AI with blockchain presents opportunities, the debate on the security and ethical implications of AI adoption in the crypto market continues. Only time will tell if the synergies between AI and blockchain will ultimately outweigh any potential drawbacks.
Source: Cryptopotato

Bitget Betting Big on AI With $10M Investment in Ecosystem

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