DeeLance: Challenging Centralized Freelance Platforms with Crypto-Powered Metaverse

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Web3 freelance metaverse platform, DeeLance, recently raised over $1.2 million through the sale of its native $DLANCE crypto token. As the project continues to progress, crypto experts are labeling DeeLance as one of the most promising crypto startups of 2023.

One of DeeLance’s primary goals is to challenge the dominance of centralized platforms like Fiverr and Upwork in the $761 billion recruitment sector by building an innovative, crypto and NFT-powered metaverse for freelancers and employers. Leveraging the decentralization and transparency of blockchain technology, DeeLance aims to address issues created by powerful middlemen that have plagued freelance workers and employers for years.

The Bitgert Ventures‘ strategic investment of $1.12 million played a significant role in boosting the DeeLance presale. This venture capital firm’s support indicates a strong endorsement for the project and may lead to further institutional funding as Bitgert’s vast experience in the web3 space can provide valuable expertise and connections to help DeeLance succeed.

DeeLance seeks to revolutionize remote freelancing by creating a digital space powered by blockchain designed to benefit both freelancers and employers. Its approach revolves around the tokenization of freelance work products into NFTs, which will facilitate secure and reliable ownership transfer. As a result, longstanding challenges such as copyright infringement and payment fraud will be addressed, providing increased security and peace of mind to all users involved.

Unlike traditional freelance platforms that tend to have high fees and complex signup procedures, DeeLance offers easier access, low fees, and quick crypto-based payments. With its escrow system and smart contracts, payments are completely transparent and secure.

Buzz surrounding DeeLance has been growing steadily on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, as more people learn about the project’s vision. Various news websites, such as Cryptonews, Business 2 Community, InsideBitcoins, and Techopedia, have named DeeLance as one of the most promising crypto presale projects in 2023.

Crypto analysts, like Jacob Crypto Bury and Crypto Gains, predict massive potential and 20x potential for $DLANCE. This sentiment is further backed by DeeLance being audited and certified by SolidProof and Coinsuls, with their team passing KYC checks.


Source: Cryptonews

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