Mooky: Bridging Environmental Sustainability and Crypto with $MOOK Token and DAO Governance

Lush rainforest scene, vibrant colors, soft dappled sunlight, ethereal mood, decentralized virtual world, mingling of nature and technology, digital trees symbolizing NFTs, diverse flora representing various rarity levels, subtle artistic style, shadowy figures discussing DAO governance, background hint of cryptocurrency growth, sense of community and sustainability.

Blockchain technology continues to evolve with a significant focus on environmental sustainability. One such project, Mooky ($MOOK), aims to leverage this technology to contribute to green charities worldwide while offering utility through the $MOOK token. The project includes purchasing exclusive NFTs and access to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for governance.

Mooky is a community-driven cryptocurrency token that has launched its new $MOOK token on presale, with an aim to give back to charities around the world. As the platform expands and the $MOOK token gets listed on crypto exchanges, the ecosystem will start planting trees and contributing to rainforest foundations worldwide. The total supply of ERC-20 $MOOK tokens is 500 billion.

Three percent of the token supply will be used for a visible charity wallet, ensuring regular contributions to chosen charities. Mooky has been fully audited by SpyWolfNetwork to provide a secure ecosystem and verified by SolidProof for complete project security.

In a bid to keep the project community-driven, $MOOK is a 0% tax token, making transactions within the ecosystem more appealing. Besides its role as a meme token, Mooky has introduced several use cases for the cryptocurrency, including a unique NFT project and governance ecosystem.

$MOOK allows users to purchase NFTs within the ecosystem, with plans to release a collection of 1,000 3D-based Mooky NFTs. Each NFT will be backed by a real-life planted tree, with various characteristics across five rarity levels. Holders of Super Rare and Legendary NFTs will gain access to the Mooky Ventures Club, functioning as the platform’s DAO, and enabling members to vote on the project’s future direction.

The Ventures Club DAO also offers exclusive access to new airdrops, merchandise drops, and an investment portfolio for passive income. A 15% tax is applied when trading Mooky NFTs, with a portion distributed among token holders and contributing to the partnered charities.

The ongoing presale offers 70% of the total token supply before prices increase, with 20% set aside for future exchange listings. The initiative has already raised over $723,000, and a further 5% of the token supply will be allocated to Decentralized Applications (DApps) for staking.

Mooky is also planning to host community events and offer prizes, such as car giveaways, to enhance brand popularity. Upon the presale’s conclusion, Mooky plans to list the native $MOOK token on

Source: Cryptonews

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