Bankruptcy Battle: FTX vs Genesis and the Importance of Fair Legal Procedures in Crypto

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Just a month after the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX was seeking $4 billion from the also bankrupt crypto lender Genesis, it is now contesting a claim that it is entitled to nothing. According to a June 2 court filing in a New York Bankruptcy Court, FTX has raised an objection to Genesis’ estimation that its debtors are entitled to claims totaling ‘$0.00’ – which was filed in the estimation procedures motion on June 1.

FTX debtors alleged they were not “invited to participate” in the mediation and the motion was filed “without any advance notice to the FTX debtors.” FTX reiterated that the zero-dollar claim estimation, as outlined in the motion, was deemed “critical” by the Genesis debtors to prevent any delays, and promptly move forward with the “confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan.”

On one hand, FTX’s objection to the $0 claim estimation highlights the importance of transparency and proper communication between parties involved in bankruptcy proceedings. The lack of advance notice and the exclusion of FTX debtors from the mediation process potentially undermined the fairness of the process and might have led to an inaccurate claim estimation.

On the other hand, Genesis’ perspective could be seen as an efficient approach towards resolving the bankruptcy case. By considering a zero-dollar claim estimation as “critical” to avoid delays and proceed with the confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan, it might be argued that the company is seeking a quick resolution to the case.

FTX contested that the Genesis debtors worked with “all parties” of interest to create a plan structure. It stated, “The mediation is a waste of estate resources without the inclusion of the FTX Debtors and should not continue without the FTX Debtors’ involvement.” This statement underscores the significance of involving all stakeholders in the mediation process to ensure a fair and comprehensive resolution to the case.

Overall, the main issue here focuses on whether the bankruptcy proceedings were conducted fairly and transparently by involving all relevant parties in the mediation process, or if quick resolutions were prioritized at the expense of one party’s interests. As the case unfolds, it sets a cautionary tale for other crypto market participants, ultimately emphasizing the importance of proper legal procedures and communication in bankruptcy cases affecting the crypto industry.

Source: Cointelegraph

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