LUNC Price Surge Amid v2.1.0 Upgrade: Future Potential or Tough Road Ahead?

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The LUNC price has recently seen a 6% increase following the announcement of the v2.1.0 upgrade proposal, which has sparked considerable discussion within the LUNC Burn Army community. This news has led to a 300% rise in the Terra Classic 24-hour trading volume. However, the LUNC price still has quite some ground to cover to return to its September 2022 high of $0.00059.

The Terra Classic v2.1.0 upgrade, proposed by the LUNC Burn Army, marks the third major update to the Terra Classic blockchain. Scheduled for June 14th at approximately 17:20 UTC, the upgrade includes a minimum 5% commission for validators and Cosmwasm v1.1.x, as well as two security updates.

Currently priced at $0.00009, the Terra Classic price has seen an 86% decline from its peak. To reach its 2022 high, a 655% increase would be necessary. Considering its fully diluted market cap is over $600 million and the LUNC supply has not been significantly burnt – still hovering around 5.85 trillion – it might be difficult to achieve such an increase.

Last year, in a Terra Classic price prediction post, two expert crypto analysts, Light (@lightcrypto), and GCR (@GiganticRebirth and @GCRClassic), believed that the bull run for the LUNC price had come to an end. Since then, the Terra Classic price has dropped by another 75%.

While the future of LUNC remains uncertain, there are alternative options for crypto enthusiasts to consider. Here on CryptoNews, we have reviewed numerous lower-market-cap, newer cryptocurrency assets, some of which are in the presale stage, while others have been recently listed on exchanges. In total, we have identified 21 new crypto coins with high growth potential for 2023 and beyond, including a diverse mix of meme coins and utility tokens.

The new Terra Classic v2.1.0 upgrade and its potential impact on the LUNC price has generated much interest within the crypto community. However, market trends and expert opinions suggest a challenging road ahead for the cryptocurrency. With so many alternatives available and a rapidly changing landscape, it remains essential for investors to conduct thorough research and stay updated on the latest developments within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The potential rewards of investing in well-researched, high-potential crypto coins make it an exciting time for those interested in the future of blockchain technology and its applications.

Source: Cryptonews

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