Apple VR Headset and DeeLance: Revolutionizing Freelance Work in the Metaverse Era

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Apple, the world’s most valuable company, is anticipated to announce its new virtual reality (VR) headset at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This announcement marks Apple’s most significant product release since the Apple Watch in 2015 and is expected to reinvigorate the VR headset industry, which has experienced a 54% drop in global sales last year according to data from the International Data Corporation.

Following the launch of Apple’s new product, a revival of interest in metaverse experiences is expected, which could benefit one of 2023’s hottest crypto start-ups, DeeLance. DeeLance is in the process of developing a groundbreaking, crypto and NFT-powered metaverse that brings freelancers and employers together, promising to revolutionize remote working and the $761 billion-dollar recruitment sector.

By utilizing blockchain technology for decentralization and transparency, DeeLance aims to eliminate the power wielded by middlemen like Fiverr and Upwork, which have been accused of mistreating freelance workers and employers for the past decade. DeeLance is currently generating substantial buzz in web3 circles, with some observers believing it could disrupt the still platform-centric freelance and gig work economy.

In a telling sign of the platform’s potential, DeeLance’s presale of its native $DLANCE crypto token has been exceptionally successful. The project has raised over $1.25 million via its public presale, despite only launching a few weeks ago. Institutional investors are also taking note of this high-potential project, with top VC firm Bitgert Ventures announcing a $1.12 million investment into DeeLance to fund the development of its blockchain-powered metaverse.

Retail investors can still secure $DLANCE tokens for $0.038 each as the presale is currently in its fourth stage. However, once the presale reaches $1.7 million, the $DLANCE price will increase 13% to $0.043. With only four presale stages remaining and fundraising efforts set to cease once $DLANCE sales hit a total of $6.8 million, time is running out for investors to capitalize on this promising crypto startup.

One of the main selling points of DeeLance’s metaverse is the tokenization of freelance work products into NFTs, which allows for secure and reliable transfer of work ownership. This novel approach addresses long-standing challenges in the digital freelancing space, such as copyright infringement and payment fraud, while providing an unprecedented level of security and peace of mind for all users. Moreover, DeeLance is highly accessible and features remarkably low fees compared to existing major freelance platforms.

As the new VR headset from Apple emerges on the market and innovative crypto projects like DeeLance gain ground, the future of remote working and the freelance economy may be radically transformed. The question remains: how will this shift impact existing platforms, and are we on the cusp of a major metamorphosis in the ways we work and interact with technology? With the potential for better security, transparency, and enhanced opportunities for freelancers and employers alike, the answer could become clearer once these new technologies are widely adopted.

Source: Cryptonews

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