Crypto Insurance Expansion: Game-Changer or Hacker Magnet? Weighing the Pros and Cons

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Cryptocurrency insurance has witnessed a significant leap recently as Evertas, a New York-based insurance company, expanded its coverage limit from a modest $5 million to an impressive $420 million for crypto custodians and exchanges. The news comes after London-based Arch Insurance International, a syndicate member of Lloyd’s of London, granted Evertas the authorization to provide the increased coverage, as reported by Reuters.

But why would this sudden and massive growth in coverage limit matter to those in the crypto space?

This development presents a potentially game-changing opportunity for both established crypto custodians and newcomers alike. With hacking and theft frequently plaguing the industry’s reputation and impeding widespread adoption, a larger insurance coverage could help address some of the glaring safety concerns that many in the general public hold.

So far this year, hackers have managed to make off with around $400 million from various crypto projects, according to a report by blockchain intelligence firm TRM Labs. In this context, the Evertas expansion comes as a welcome relief for those aiming to mitigate risks and secure their digital assets.

As a “coverholder,” Evertas writes crypto insurance on behalf of Arch in collaboration with international insurance companies to address complex risks. The insurance firm has chosen to write policies exclusively for custodians with private keys, alleviating doubt for prospective investors who continually worry about security in cryptocurrency markets.

Last December, Evertas raised $14 million in funding from top investors like Polychain Capital, Morgan Creek Matrixport, and HashKey, which speaks to the market’s faith in their expertise within this specialized niche.

At the same time, skeptics might view this development with a raised eyebrow, questioning whether a much larger insurance coverage could offer the much-needed assurance or only further entice hackers into attempting to breach security systems. As with any new technology, unpredictable challenges lie ahead, and it remains uncertain whether the insurance industry can keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape of threats.

However, one thing is undeniable: the expansion of Evertas’ coverage limit signifies a major step forward in risk management for the cryptocurrency industry. As more entities seek ways to secure their digital assets while navigating the complex and uncertain terrain of cryptocurrency, only time will tell if this new-found reassurance can drive wider acceptance and ultimately revolutionize the financial landscape.

What are your thoughts on the expansion of Evertas’ insurance coverage? Are you more inclined to invest in crypto knowing there’s a more significant safety net, or do your concerns remain staunch, regardless? Let’s explore these questions together, as we continue to educate and share insights into the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Source: Coindesk

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