Japan Blockchain Week 2023: Balancing Crypto Growth and Regulatory Challenges

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The Japan Blockchain Week 2023, scheduled for June 18 to July 9, 2023, is set to kick off in Tokyo, with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) backing this year’s edition. This announcement comes amid a rising demand for clearer regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies and intensified endeavors to become a global digital assets center.

As the largest blockchain event in Japan, the Japan Blockchain Week serves to promote the country’s Web3 community to the rest of the world. With the previous event in Tokyo successfully garnering international interest in 2022, the upcoming gathering aims to connect Japanese Web3 networks with international participants, expanding and integrating Japan’s Web3 ecosystem.

Notably, this year’s event marks the first one to occur since the onset of the COVID pandemic. Accordingly, many attendees, both locally and from overseas, are expected to participate in a wide range of community events, such as the Tokyo Blockchain Tech Meetup, NFT exhibitions, a crypto art festival, and more.

In recent times, Japan has made efforts to nurture a more crypto-friendly atmosphere. The country’s Web3 project team released a white paper suggesting ways to grow the industry and foster a hospitable environment for digital assets. This followed the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s decision to incorporate these recommendations into the national strategy for crypto expansion.

In contrast to other jurisdictions implementing consumer protection regulations, Japan aims to create a welcoming setting for the crypto sector. The nation’s ruling party, the Liberal Democratic Party, previously proposed easing tax obligations for crypto-based businesses, many of which fled the country due to high taxes. The newly-released white paper also supports further tax leniency, specifically noting the current exemption for token issuers.

Moreover, the document recommends that Japan display strong leadership at this year’s G7 summit, which is set to address cryptocurrency-related matters. By concentrating on the potential benefits of Web3, Japan might establish itself as a prominent leader in the field of emerging technology.

Addressing the concerns over the absence of accounting standards, the white paper highlights the challenges faced by Web3 businesses in accessing auditors. Given these latest developments in Japan’s approach to crypto-economic inclusion, METI’s support for the forthcoming Blockchain Week event seems to align with the country’s broader plans to promote Web3. All this shows an interesting balance between the country striving for a more crypto-friendly atmosphere and the ongoing concerns over tax regulations and accounting standards.

Source: Cryptonews

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