The Wild Curatorial Board: Shaping Experiential Art’s Future or Fueling Saturation Debate

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Digital art is rapidly gaining attention and expanding within the blockchain world, and recently, the digital art collective Wildxyz has taken the next step towards shaping the future of this genre by introducing The Wild Curatorial Board. This group of accomplished artists will advise the company’s artist residency program, providing mentorship, and help define the future of experiential art.

The Wild Curatorial Board boasts a stellar lineup of ten artists, including Deafbeef, Casey Reas, Holly Herndon & Matthew Dryhurst, Mitchell F. Chan, Nancy Baker Cahill, Harm van den Dorpel, Gabriel Massan, Maria Paula Fernández, and Serwah Attafuah. With their extensive experience across various forms of digital art, such as generative and AI-based art, these artists are well-equipped to offer guidance and support to budding talents within Wildxyz’s artist residency program.

An integral part of the board’s role will be selecting outstanding collections that showcase innovation and excellence in experiential art, which will subsequently be awarded Wild Signature status. This accolade recognizes the artist’s achievements and puts them at the forefront of the spatial internet era.

Douglass Kobs, CEO of Wildxyz, expressed his enthusiasm for the curatorial board and how it aligns with the company’s mission in a recent interview with CoinDesk. Kobs shared that everything at Wildxyz revolves around supporting and elevating creative individuals who are redefining the next phase of the spatial internet. Moreover, the company aims to create a safe, rich, and collaborative space, ensuring that artists can produce their best work at Wild.

To further its objectives, Wildxyz secured $7 million in seed funding back in March, intending to develop its residency program with a strong focus on experiential art. In a notable collaboration, Wild Curatorial Board artist Harm Van Dorpel partnered with renowned vehicle manufacturer Mercedes Benz and digital art organization Fingerprints DAO to create an NFT collection that drew inspiration from automotive concepts.

While this leap into the future of digital and experiential art is undoubtedly fascinating, it also raises concerns about the potential saturation and commercialization of the art world. Aspects such as the power dynamics among artists and organizations and the true autonomy of artists when creating under the watchful eye of digital art collectives need to be acknowledged.

In summary, the establishment of The Wild Curatorial Board by Wildxyz is an exciting step forward in the world of digital and experiential art, allowing artists to continue pushing the boundaries and shaping the spatial internet era. However, it is essential that the various implications of this shift are carefully considered and deliberated upon by the art community as a whole.

Source: Coindesk

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