Coinbase Surge vs Binance Supremacy: Who Will Rule the Crypto-Exchange Realm?

Coinbase International, a subsidiary of Coinbase, has seen a surge in trading activity, nearing $300 million per day. This is in line with a strategic initiative for global expansion, despite complex US regulations and legal confrontations with the SEC. Additionally, Coinbase has onboarded 50 institutional investors trading $5.5 billion in seven weeks, raising the question of whether they could surpass current market giant, Binance.

Bitcoin’s Rollercoaster Ride: MicroStrategy’s Unrealized Losses Vs. Predicted Future Gains

“Despite Bitcoin’s recent bearish trend causing MicroStrategy to face substantial unrealized losses, the business intelligence firm remains staunch in their Bitcoin advocacy, attributing the losses to temporary market fluctuations. However, this scenario could potentially affect Bitcoin’s future market volatility and valuation parameters.”

Crypto Battleground: Gemini’s Refutation Against SEC Allegations & The Legality Maze

“Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini is fighting allegations from the U.S. SEC regarding “Gemini Earn,” a service that allows customers to lend their crypto assets. The exchange challenges the SEC’s definition of cryptocurrencies as “securities,” arguing that transactions under “Gemini Earn” are loans, not securities. The case highlights the complex relationship between blockchain technology and regulatory frameworks.”