Elon Musk’s Mission to Transform Twitter into an ‘Everything App’, But What About Crypto?

Elon Musk engaging in a video game streaming session on a reimagined, multifunction app, previously known as Twitter, now identified as 'X'. Light setting matches the vivid hues of Diablo 4, an action RPG he's playing, capturing the electrifying, fast-paced ambiance. Depict the app interface with icons hinting at incorporated elements including finance and social media. Convey a sense of progress and digital innovation, yet a feeling of uncertainty—symbolizing the lack of clarity on crypto integration.

Pushing forward into the digital realm, Elon Musk tested out video game streaming on the ‘everything app’ developed by a company formerly known as Twitter, going by X. During an October 6 stream, he played the popular action role-playing game Diablo 4. The goal, according to Musk’s explanation, was to establish a stable quality of audio, image, and functioning comments, though the feature is still in development. Despite minor performance issues, the results seemed promising and the stream attracted a noteworthy 2.8 million viewers within a few hours after the session ended, a number that signifies considerable interest.

Musk, however, quelled exaggerated expectations, saying that X does not strive to outperform specialized streaming platforms. Instead, he emphasized, the aim is to enhance the app’s versatility and accessibility, thereby constituting a generalist platform integrating a variety of services such as financial ones, like crypto. Rather surprisingly, the visionary offered no revelation on how crypto might be integrated, especially within aspects like subscriptions or donations, which usually form a significant part of streaming.

Following its rebranding from Twitter, X’s vision has taken the shape of an ‘everything app’ – a hub for social media and financial services. With Musk’s endorsement and active involvement, the pursuit for creating an ‘everything app’ has taken a considerable leap towards success. Some other features to be integrated include revenue share models for premium subscribers and direct content posting on the platform. However, the lack of a well-defined roadmap for crypto implementation points out an omission in the otherwise wide array of services and features that the app hopes to offer.

The broad spectrum of features that Musk proposes may be what those in pursuit of a centralized platform are seeking. Simultaneously, the notable absence of any plan for crypto usage could lead to some criticism, especially given the increasing relevance of cryptocurrencies in digital transactions. To position itself as a truly ‘everything app,’ it is imperative for X to integrate crypto on its platform and satisfy a consumer base that finds solace in decentralized finance in today’s digital age.

Source: Cointelegraph

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