ZTX’s Impressive $13 Million Seed Round: A Positive Sign for Web3 Metaverse’s Future or a Risky Leap?

A vibrant 3D metaverse scene infused with cubist elements, illuminating the dawn-mist with a sunrise-palette light. Display a vast array of sleek futuristic digital homes, each given a unique touch, signifying the potential 4,000 ZTX-based homes. Showcase bustling creators working hard, silhouetted against the discerning light, hinting at an unwavering commitment to building the metaverse future. Beam of light from glowing wristbands indicated as powered by ZTX Partner Wearables. The mood should carry a sense of cautious optimism, hinting at potential risks yet a promising future.

The Web3 metaverse and creator platform ZTX recently closed a remarkable $13 million seed round, receiving leadership and investment from dominant crypto firm Jump Crypto. Other significant figures in Web3 investment, such as Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, and Everest Ventures Group, also contributed investments. A year of strategic development precedes this accomplishment, with Co-CEO of ZTX, Chris Jang highlighting the alignment and shared commitment between the ZTX team and its investors towards a common vision – to provide creators with an infrastructure layer.

The successful seed round personally mirrors the investors’ heightened confidence in Web3 metaverses’ future, notably ZTX. This unwavering belief stems from ZTX’s successful track record in Web2 metaverse space. Their legacy business, ZEPETO, holds the respectable title of being the fourth largest metaverse platform globally, hosting a staggering 400 million lifetime users. ZEPETO has high-profile strategic partnerships in its portfolio, including well-established brands like Gucci and Starbucks.

Those propelling ZTX forward include industry veterans from tech behemoths such as Apple, Roblox, Epic, and EA. Professionals from highly successful web3 ecosystems like Cosmos, Flow, and Solana also lend their expertise to the developing platform. ZTX’s uniqueness and its potential to create an incomparable world sets it apart from other Web3 metaverse projects, according to Yuki Kanayama, a General Partner at MZ Web3 Fund.

A proactive entity, ZTX, founded recently in 2022 as a joint initiative from Jump Crypto and ZEPETO, is rapidly advancing to make a lasting impact in the web3 industry. The platform has already launched its private Playtest, an invite-only beta version of its upcoming 3D metaverse platform, and partnered with leading web3 start-up, Dust Labs. This partnership seeks to facilitate the creation of 3D assets useful in 3D open-world metaverses using ZTX Partner Wearables.

In the near future, ZTX plans to launch its first Genesis Home Mint offering a collection of 4,000 ZTX-based original 3D metaverse homes up for sale. With progress updates and product development milestones regularly being met, it is evident that ZTX is not just a silent participant in the crypto space. Rather, it seeks to take an active role in defining the future of Web3. While ZTX is on the fast lane to success, it’s essential to acknowledge that this speed can sometimes jeopardize project integrity and lead to mounting challenges. However, with its team of seasoned professionals and a sturdy foundation, ZTX seems prepared to weather the storms ahead.

Source: Cryptonews

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