NFL Rivals and the Dawn of Web3 Gaming: A Revolution or an Uncertain Bet?

Dusk setting over a technologically advanced football stadium with digital billboards, pixelated sports fans cheering wildly. Centerpiece is a dueling pair of powerfully built, futuristic football players, exuding a sense of competition. Art style leans towards a blend of realistic and graphic novel. Tension, excitement, and anticipation fills the air, resonating a mood of a grand revolution underway. Game cards are subtly integrated, adding a sense of intrigue.

Web3 game studio, Mythical Games, recently announced the official launch of the much-awaited, NFL-licensed game, ‘NFL Rivals’. It is the first of its kind, equipped with Web3 technology. As a part of the phased release, a kickoff program was initiated that will integrate multiple versions of the marketplace into the NFL Rivals app over the coming months. This is an interesting twist in the evolution of game economies. It allows all players, professional or novice, to actively participate in the economy.

In a joint venture with the NFL and the NFL Players Association, the NFL Rivals app had been released under the banner of Offseason months earlier. This allowed the developers at Mythical Games to assess user feedback and subsequently improve the game. A noteworthy fact about this entire operation is that Mythical — considered the 4th largest blockchain in terms of monthly digital asset sales — has decided to move away from Ethereum. The game studio aims to launch its Mythos ecosystem on Polkadot.

The NFL Rivals game allows players to step into the limelight as a general manager who then tailors his or her team. The winning strategy? Beating potential opponents in games. As the gameplay progresses, managers can unlock football superstars and a host of digital collectibles for personal use. This viz-a-viz helps them scale up their collections and add potential firepower.

Once a purchase is made on Mythical’s Marketplace, the chosen player card is transferred straight to the buyer’s lineup. The seller, at the same time, gets compensated in MYTH tokens. This provides a lucrative opportunity for both the buyer and the seller.

While prices have been fixed for the time being, there is the possibility of introducing a bidding system soon. Between the soft launch in April to the final launch, the game created tumultuous waves with over 2 million downloads and 15 million matches played.

In other news, Mythical Games has managed to secure sizable funding. It made headlines in June when it raised a whopping $37 million in Series C1 funding. This led to the gusto-filled achievement of the “unicorn” status since the company lifted $225 million in two separate capital raises in 2021.

To sum up, the NFL Rivals game using Web3 technology is shaping up to be a promising revolution in the world of interactive online gaming and digital economies. However, the success will heavily depend on both how well the game performs in marketplace transactions and, of course, on the users’ response.

Source: Cryptonews

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