Trump Meme Token’s Wild Market Ride Versus Wall Street Memes’ Magisterial Presale: A Tale of Two Cryptos

A night market scene, packed with people carrying physical representations of TRUMP meme tokens and Wall Street Memes tokens, traders in various stages of euphoria, fear and anticipation, trump dominating while Wall Street Memes tokens emerge. Moonlight enriches the gleaming coins, lending a chiaroscuro effect. A cyberpunk art style, embodying the drama and unpredictability of the crypto market.

The rippling effects of recent events involving former President Donald Trump continue to permeate the crypto markets with the TRUMP meme token, which soared a staggering 10,000% following news of Trump’s surrender to Fulton County jail authorities. Trump has since posted a $200,000 bond, pledging non-antagonism to the situation until trial. Amidst these dramatic turns, DEX markets were galvanized with the TRUMP token being an inevitable headliner amongst significant gainers. The token’s value saw a jolting rise, starting at a market price of $0.05617, representing a 24-hour shift of +268%. Notwithstanding, the token seems to be in a -42% retracement after failing to sustain its local high at $0.1.

This seismic shift can be traced back to 2:00AM on August 25, when Donald Trump tweeted the now-viral lizard-like mugshot. The exponential rise in trading volume, coupled with traders’ eagerness to stake claims in the action, propelled the TRUMP price up by a further 200%. Although the rally progresses towards its ten-thousand-percent marker, there appears to be a slow halt with the token entering what looks like a significant retracement. Despite the -42% drop, there’s a likelihood of a bounce back as there seems to be a strong buy pressure at 56% of all recent transactions.

As audacious traders continue to bolster the TRUMP lines, more cautious investors are gravitating towards the biggest meme coin presale of 2023, which raised $25m and still has some tokens up for grabs before its impending CEX launch. Wall Street Memes, projected to be the largest meme coin presale of 2023, has successfully harnessed the 1m+ strong community power to raise over $25m from investors in recent fundings rounds. The $WSM token’s community strength is further illustrated by its astronomical presale funding which has firmly placed the project among the top choices for the biggest coin CEX launch of Q3 2023.

The coin’s initial democratic price point of $0.0337 points to a surge in investors. Furthermore, the built-in +30% for presale investors at the initial listing potentially offers attractive returns. The hype around the Wall Street Memes presale was given a boost by a crypto whale’s $1m investment early in August, suggesting substantial confidence in the project and its ROI potential.

Wall Street Memes is truly a project for the people, distributing 30% of its token supply to community rewards and raising additional 20% for liquidity. The remaining 50% is earmarked for the presale. This highly popular coin presale is likely to lead towards significant CEX listings. Furthermore, those who hold their tokens for the long term are incentivized by the project’s novel staking mechanism that offers a hefty 282% APY. Wall Street Memes’ successful past and forward-thinking tokenomics suggest this token is one to watch.

Source: Cryptonews

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