Decoding the PigLido Coin Surge and its Impact on Rising Wall Street Memes Project

A high stakes crypto trading room filled with screens displaying chaotic data fluctuations, a tangible sense of excitement and trepidation within a velvet midnight scene subtly lit by luminescent screens. Replicas of physical coins embossed with exaggerated trend graphs euphorically soaring upwards, echoing the enormous surge of the PigLido token. However, one coin breaks away from the triumphant ascent, hinting at the deceptive nature of its success. In contrast, a shower of golden coins rains down featuring the Wall Street Memes logo, reflecting the anticipation and trust in its thriving community. A moon-shot trajectory in the background suggests the token's promising future. The mood teems with cautious optimism in the face of risk, yet retains an excitement towards the prospect of profit-bursting long-term holds.

In a highly captivating event, DEX token PigLido has demonstrated a monumental surge of +30,000% within a mere 24-hour window. This token, seemingly a byproduct of the innovative Web3 platform (PIGO), is capturing the attention of the cryptocurrency world.

The original PigLido project aims to provide easier access for Asian and African users to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, alongside fostering a market for NFTs and yield farming, all intertwined with the promise of AI integration. The imposter PigLido token, however, posted an incredible leap in value, reaching a height of $0.0032. The rally brought gains of +37,836% for early backers.

The highs were followed by a wave of skepticism as potential pitfalls came to light. An audit of the token highlighted a collection of issues in the smart contract, and the veneer of a scam coin began to unveil itself. Several issues such as blacklisting, a hidden owner, and a mint function were found, alongside signs of a honey pot like the lack of a liquidity pool lock.

Despite the alarming signs, the fake PigLido project continues to attract buyers, with 70% of transactions also being purchases. Still, money is beginning to flow out towards more promising ventures like the highly anticipated meme coin CEX, WSM.

The Wall Street Memes, backed by a powerful community of more than one million individuals, hold the record for the highest meme coin presale of 2023 to date, raising over $25 million from early backers. The community’s interest is driven by the token’s democratic price point of $0.0337 and by the possible gains of +30% for early investors upon listing. Cornerstone to $WSM’s attractiveness is a tribute to the anti-bank movement its name originated from, aiming to tokenize the sentiment and redefine perception of digital value.

An anonymous crypto whale has shown significant interest in the WSM presale, pumping a million dollars into the token in early August. Ample appeals to invest lie at the heart of Wall Street Memes, such as the commitment to allocate 30% of the token supply to community rewards, an additional 20% for liquidity, and 50% up for grabs in the presale.

This highly democratic project with no-team split fosters an extraordinary growth, with the project now boasting over 1 million followers. This fanbase, untampered with by the fear of scams like PigLido, seems to be taking the token on the path toward significant moon-shot potential. This appears to be encouraged by platforms like Gate.Io, which offer major CEX listings. Wall Street Meme’s novel staking mechanism also presents an attractive 282% APY, making $WSM enthralling for long-term holders.

As we observe this project’s success, it becomes increasingly clear that this token, emanating from the original Wall Street Bets NFT collection, seems to be heading towards an explosive trajectory.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investment carries a high risk. Information provided in this article is purely informational and does not constitute investment advice. Make sure you thoroughly research before you invest as loss of capital is a definite possibility.

Source: Cryptonews

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