Exploring the AI Chatbot Boom: Surging Demand for ChatGPT, Blockchain Skills, and Challenges Ahead

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The recent release of Udemy’s Global Workplace Learning Index for Q1 2023 sheds light on the rapidly growing interest in ChatGPT, financial services, and business teaching courses among its 49 million users. This might not come as a shock for many, considering the current boom period we are going through, which Wired has dubbed as the “Wet Hot AI Chatbot Summer,” following the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

According to Udemy’s report, topic consumption related to ChatGPT courses skyrockets with an increase of 4,419%. Other tech skills that have caught students’ attention include Nutanix, Azure Machine Learning, and Amazon Elastic MapReduce, all of which are cloud-related courses with applications in machine learning. Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) art generation and illustration have seen a surge in interest.

While ChatGPT has turned heads with its remarkable growth, it only manages to secure a spot in the top three surging skills in the U.S. Artificial intelligence has managed to reign supreme in Argentina and secured the second spot in Canada. The report also highlights a surge in industries like manufacturing, government, and financial services, which indicates an increasing demand for professionals with these skills.

However, this shift in interest reaches beyond the tech industry. The “professional power skills” category reveals that “teaching” takes the lead with a 764% increase in topic attention, placing it just behind ChatGPT in Q1 2023. Diego Davilla, an instructor quoted in the report, emphasizes the importance of having a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT and similar AI technologies in today’s fast-paced digital transformation era.

Moreover, chatbot technologies are making a significant impact in the cryptocurrency domain. Advanced trading bots, equipped with third-party plugins that use ChatGPT and similar platforms, are gaining prominence. The Udemy report also pinpoints a rise in interest in technologies that are crucial for blockchain development. Python certifications have seen a 272% uptick, and FastAPI skills consumption has increased by 102%, both of which are essential in blockchain technology development.

While the growing interest in ChatGPT, AI, and blockchain-related technologies is undeniable, this burgeoning landscape is not without skepticism. Rapid technological advancements may pose potential risks regarding data privacy, the implications of AI-driven decision-making, and the ethical considerations behind creating AI models that can emulate human-like communication. As the demand for these skills persists, it is crucial to factor in these considerations and potential challenges to mitigate unforeseen risks in the future.

Source: Cointelegraph

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