Ethereum’s Beacon Chain Finality Issues: Lessons Learned & Network Resilience

Ethereum core developers quickly addressed Beacon Chain finality issues by rolling out patches for Prysm Labs and Teku clients. High load on Consensus Layer clients caused the problem which affected transaction finalization. Upgrades released by Teku and Prysm help prevent excessive resource usage and mitigate future issues. Continuous improvement and diverse ecosystem of clients are crucial for blockchain technology’s resilience.

Crypto Tokens as Securities: Ripple Case Study, Arbitrum Dilemma, and Canton Network Prospects

The crypto world continues to debate whether tokens are securities in the US, as companies like Ripple battle costly lawsuits from the SEC. Meanwhile, projects like the Arbitrum Foundation push boundaries, despite concerns that revenue distribution might label their tokens as securities, and major corporations form coalitions to create institutional blockchain solutions.

Terra Classic Upgrade Debate: Skepticism Meets Optimism in Blockchain’s Future

Terra Classic’s Proposal for v2.0.1 Upgrade has crossed the threshold limit, marking a significant LUNC blockchain upgrade. With 99.5% of votes in favor, it introduces critical features, including minimum initial deposit for governance proposals, Cosmos SDK and Tendermint updates, and improvements to code maintainability. However, former core developer Tobias “Zaradar” Anderson remains skeptical about the upgrade’s success.

Exploring Game Dosi: Line Next’s Web3 Gaming Platform and its Impact on NFTs and Blockchain Gaming

Line Next announces five Web3 games to launch on Game Dosi, including Sweet Monster Guardians, Vestria the Last Order (VLO), KEROZ, Drawship Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD. Offering various gameplay experiences, Game Dosi aims to provide NFT rewards and a user-focused Web3 gaming platform, with anticipated membership sales and additional titles in the future.


Bitcoin’s trajectory is a topic of debate among investors and experts. Global Macro Director of Fidelity Investments, Jurrien Timmer, highlights Bitcoin’s role as a powerful inflation hedge, while MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor emphasizes its importance in a declining fiat currency landscape. However, declining liquidity on Binance and other market factors contribute to potential volatility.

Bitcoin’s Price Dip: Puell Multiple Suggests Bearish Outlook or Temporary Blip?

Bitcoin price saw a brief dip below the 200-week moving average before rebounding, but on-chain data like the Puell Multiple indicate a bearish outlook, suggesting investors should consider booking profits. Factors affecting BTC prices include macroeconomic forces, false sell-off reports, and high transaction fees. It’s crucial for investors to conduct thorough research before making decisions to avoid unexpected losses.

EigenLayer: The Future of Blockchain Security or Overhyped Ethereum Competitor?

EigenLayer protocol aims to provide blockchain security-as-a-service, enabling secure crypto project launches without extensive funds, hardware, or validators. By “rehypothecating” staked ETH, it increases yield for stakers and incentivizes participation, while attracting praise and financial support from prominent investors. The project’s success, however, remains to be seen.