Exploring Game Dosi: Line Next’s Web3 Gaming Platform and its Impact on NFTs and Blockchain Gaming

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Line Next, a US-based subsidiary of the company responsible for the widely used Asian social app Line, recently announced the first five games to be launched on its Web3 gaming platform, Game Dosi, set to debut in the second half of 2023. These new Web3 games include Sweet Monster Guardians, Vestria the Last Order (VLO), KEROZ, Drawship Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD – an internally developed IP spanning multiple games over time. Each title boasts distinctive game mechanics, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Sweet Monster Guardians, the first Game Dosi title to offer NFT pre-sales, is a strategic defense game. Players have to deploy unique characters strategically on their browsers. For those who enjoy collective role-playing adventures, VLO offers a Final Fantasy-style experience designed for PC and Mac users by SIS Studio.

On the other hand, KEROZ, developed by Superflex, is for users inclined towards dungeon-crawling “roguelike” action-adventure games. Drawship Kingdom Reverse, a browser-based game developed by Nolatency Limited, allows players to earn NFT rewards through various in-game components such as avatars, machines, and dolls.

Although Project GD’s details remain scant, it’s expected to be a fiercely competitive trading card game (TCG) with NFT-based decks of cards.

In anticipation of Game Dosi’s official launch on May 18th, the company plans to offer a membership sale with gold and platinum-tier NFT passes, as well as various perks. Under the motto “Gamer First, Web3 Next,” Game Dosi will also provide players with NFT rewards from its upcoming Project GD game. Players can earn these rewards by completing missions available on the company’s community website before the May 31 deadline.

Game Dosi plans to hold a raffle for another chance for players to win NFT prizes. It is essential to note that participation in the raffle is based on the number of Discord sign-ups for Game Dosi.

An additional lineup of titles “featuring globally popular content in the second half of this year” is expected to be released on the platform, which is built on the Finschia blockchain, previously known as Line Blockchain and Link Chain.

This isn’t Line’s first venture into the NFT world. IPX, the parent company for the well-known Line Friends characters, recently formed a partnership with Chiru Labs, the developers behind the Ethereum-based NFT project, Azuki. Together, the brands will investigate content and merchandise opportunities featuring their respective IPs.

Source: Decrypt

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