Hacked Crypto Accounts on Dark Web: Alarming Trends and Safeguarding Your Assets

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In recent years, the dark web has become a thriving marketplace for hacked online accounts, with verified cryptocurrency accounts being the most sought after, fetching the highest prices among all types of hacked online accounts. Online data security provider Privacy Affairs revealed that cybercriminals are reportedly selling hacked, verified crypto accounts for as low as just $30 apiece on the dark web.

According to their research, verified Kraken accounts are worth $1170 while Binance accounts are valued at $410. The marked increase in the value of these accounts compared to 2022, when Kraken and Binance accounts fetched just $260 and $250 respectively, indicates an alarming trend. Hacked accounts can be utilized to illegally evade know-your-customer (KYC) measures on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Though crypto accounts seem to be the top priority for hackers, other financial accounts and social media accounts are not exempt from the illicit trade. Credit card details with balances of up to $5000 are being sold for just $110, while login information for online bank accounts with balances up to $2000 can be priced at $60. Hacked Facebook, Airbnb, and Gmail accounts have been priced as low as $25.

In light of these findings, Privacy Affairs security researcher, Miklos Zoltan, emphasized the need for internet users to be more cautious with their personal information. He stated that the prices quoted for hacked accounts are what their details are worth to cybercriminals, but the account owners themselves could value these accounts much more.

The growing problem of hacking verified accounts at popular cryptocurrency exchanges does not bode well for the industry, highlighting the need for robust security measures. Recently, a Coinbase customer filed a lawsuit against the company after losing nearly 90% of his life savings as a result of a hack known as a “SIM swap” – a sneaky maneuver where scammers trick telecommunications providers into linking the victim’s phone number to their own SIM card.

While the astronomical prices of hacked cryptocurrency accounts reveal an inherent value in the information they possess, they also showcase a dangerous trend in the world of cybersecurity. As the crypto industry continues to gain traction, users should take the necessary precautions to safeguard their personal information and financial assets, remaining aware of the growing threats within the ever-evolving dark corners of the internet.

Source: Cointelegraph

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