NFT Ticketing Revolution: Ozaru’s Innovative Blockchain-based System for Events

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Dubai-based web3 company, Ozaru, is taking the event industry by storm with its major rebrand from Oaziz and the introduction of an innovative NFT ticketing product. With this new development, the company aims to transform the way events are managed by using a smart-contract based NFT-ticketing system set to launch on May 16th, 2023. This approach not only brings a touch of modernity to event management but also offers an extra layer of security with the use of blockchain technology.

Rebranding as Ozaru signals the company’s dedication to creativity and innovation in the web3 space. Although the use of NFTs for ticketing could offer event organizers and goers a more seamless and secure experience, some concerns may arise about the accessibility of such a system. The integration of NFTs into event management might create barriers for those who are not well-versed in the workings of digital assets.

That said, Ozaru’s NFT ticketing product is not the only cause for celebration. The company has also introduced an NFT collection based on their Ottomakan Stories comics, granting collectors a chance to own a part of Ozaru’s unique universe. In anticipation of the launch, Ozaru has scheduled an NFT airdrop, giving collectors the opportunity to obtain these exclusive NFTs and join the thriving blockchain enthusiast community.

The first airdrop attracted over 5,000 participants, with over 500 receiving NFTs as rewards for their involvement in the project. The success of these events highlights both the rising interest in NFTs and the expanding adoption of blockchain technology.

Founder and CEO of Ozaru, Addy Creeze, has expressed excitement regarding the company’s new ventures, which aim to empower event organizers and creatives with innovative tools for success. Recognizing the launch of the NFT ticketing product as just the beginning, Ozaru plans to unleash more web3 tools in the near future.

Ozaru’s focus on blockchain technology aligns with the growing trend of utilizing decentralized systems for various applications. As event organizers look to adopt more secure and innovative tools, the NFT ticketing system offered by Ozaru might well be a game-changer. Nevertheless, the question remains: will this new technology create complications for users who have not yet embraced the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets?

Regardless of the challenges, Ozaru’s commitment to creativity, innovation, and pioneering web3 tools shines a light on the potential future of event management in a digitized world.

Source: CryptoDaily

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