Bitget Invests $10M in Blockchain4Youth: Empowerment or Industry’s Ambition?

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Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bitget recently announced a $10 million investment in “Blockchain4Youth,” a corporate social responsibility project aimed at educating and supporting young individuals in the field of blockchain technology. Spread over five years, this initiative promises to offer blockchain courses and certifications through Bitget Academy, in addition to hosting campus lectures in partnership with universities across the globe. By collaborating with leading blockchain firms, Bitget also plans to incubate innovative projects by young entrepreneurs and organize U30 hackathons to identify top-notch talents.

Set to kick off this month, Blockchain4Youth will commence with a series of campus lectures on Web3 in universities situated in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. With around 8 million users across 100 countries, Bitget Academy courses will become available concurrently with these lectures. The exchange also expressed its interest in partnering with educators for this groundbreaking initiative.

A recent survey by Bitget revealed a considerable interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among the younger generation. Nearly 46% of millennials in major economies, including the United States, China, Japan, Germany, Nigeria, and Indonesia, reportedly own cryptocurrencies. In comparison, ownership rates stand at 25% for Gen X, 21% for Gen Z, and 8% for baby boomers. Political interest is also tied to blockchain regulation, with 27% of millennials and 36% of Gen Z participants considering it an essential factor when voting for candidates.

However, one could argue that the crypto derivatives industry is riddled with regulatory uncertainties and security concerns, which might deter some individuals from wholeheartedly embracing these educational programs. Finding reputable educators, guarding against misinformation, and ensuring the long-term viability of such initiatives are challenges that Bitget, and similar ventures, must address.

In a comparable effort, Binance Charity pledged over 30,000 scholarships for 2023. Interestingly, while 82,000 applicants expressed interest in these programs, the acceptance rate stood at around 37%. Since 2018, Binance Charity has committed $23 million to 32 Web3 social projects to further fuel the growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

As Bitget and Binance Charity contribute to educating and empowering future generations in the world of blockchain, questions about the long-term impact, sustainability, and influence of these ventures remain. By fostering an environment that encourages responsible innovation and embraces adaptable regulatory frameworks, the cryptocurrency derivatives sector can hope to expand further, bringing progress and prosperity to an increasingly global community.

Source: Cointelegraph

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