Crypto Projects Relying on Medium: Boon or Bane for Sustainable Growth and Resilience

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A recent report delving into the marketing tactics of the top 1000 crypto projects has offered eye-opening insights into their blogging habits and the potential consequences for their growth. In an ever-changing and competitive market, marketing and public relations play a pivotal role in a project’s success.

Interestingly, the analysis showcases that 84.8% of the top 1000 projects host their blogs on Medium to enjoy the platform’s ease of use, particularly during the initial coin offering (ICO) boom. However, this dependence on Medium might unintentionally contribute to Medium’s traffic and growth, rather than their own. Consequently, many wonder whether crypto companies will shift towards long-term marketing strategies and develop their online presence or continue to rely on Medium.

The report highlights the importance of strategic marketing investments for crypto organizations to attract serious investors and bolster their resistance against market fluctuations. Unlike fleeting, buzz-focused marketing, implementing content and SEO-driven campaigns can provide sustainable growth over time. Nonetheless, the findings indicate that 35.8% of the top 1000 projects didn’t publish any articles on their site in 2023, with some crypto heavyweights like Bitcoin, USDC coin, and Dogecoin among them. Only 49.7% of the projects posted two or more articles during the same year, and a meager 10.4% chose to maintain a blog on their primary domain. Shockingly, 4.7% of these projects didn’t have a blog at all, neither on Medium nor on their main domain.

These numbers emphasize the need for a comprehensive understanding of marketing and PR strategies in the crypto space as many companies appear to neglect content marketing’s significance, putting their long-term success at risk. The report’s findings also point to a knowledge gap regarding SEO within the crypto industry and a notable dependency on Medium for blogging.

As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, observing how these leading projects adapt their marketing strategies to ensure sustainable growth and resilience in an intensely competitive atmosphere will be compelling. With a more thorough grasp of efficient marketing and PR efforts, companies in the cryptosphere can overcome shortcomings and achieve long-term progress in this rapidly advancing industry.


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