The Oracle’s Verse: Crypto Novel Revolution or Artistic Quality at Risk?

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The Quest of Evolution recently introduced The Oracle’s Verse, an innovative and unique concept in the world of creative writing and cryptocurrency. It is dubbed the first-ever “crypto novel,” providing a never-ending tale woven by multiple writers who contribute to an ongoing story. Each writer adds no more than 200 words, accompanied by images and music, before selling their creation as a non-fungible token (NFT) to the next contributor.

These NFTs are known as “evolving NFTs” that introduce a “write-to-earn” concept. All six of the digital assets within this collection offer passive income to each contributor, generating a fascinating platform for writers to showcase their talents while earning from their creativity.

On the one hand, The Oracle’s Verse serves as a fresh alternative to the often rigid and centralized process of novel writing today. Traditionally, writers needed to craft an entire novel alone or with a few collaborators, then find a publisher for their work. This innovative NFT collection ensures their writings are instantly published on the blockchain and accessible to fellow writers, guaranteeing an audience. Additionally, royalty payments enforced by the NFT’s smart contract assure that each contributor gains a share of the proceeds from every future sale.

However, questions may arise about the long-term sustainability and quality of these ever-evolving stories. It could be argued that the never-ending aspect might cause the narrative to lose its essence or become disjointed over time. While the exclusive Discord channel available to contributors might help writers maintain the integrity and continuity of the story, there is no guarantee of consistency with such a vast pool of creative minds.

The multichain Oracle’s Verse NFTs are currently up for auction on the OpenSea marketplace, with a starting price of 250 MATIC (approximately $240). The auction is set to end on June 2nd, with the possibility of the final bid far exceeding the opening price. Following this, The Quest of Evolution is planning to launch more collections, including a series of scientific essays and a crime fiction-based crypto novel.

While The Oracle’s Verse NFT collection offers an exciting opportunity for creative writers to be part of a unique and potentially lucrative platform, it is essential to evaluate whether the decentralized approach to narrative development may compromise the artistic quality and coherence of the resulting novels. Only time will tell how impactful and successful this endeavor becomes in the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology and creative writing.

Source: CryptoDaily

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