Veloce’s VEXT Token: Revolutionizing the Gaming and Racing Industry Through Decentralization

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London-based company, Veloce, the world’s leading digital racing media network, has announced its foray into the Web3 realm with the launch of its blockchain utility and governance token, VEXT. Partnering with MDRxTech, an expert in tech development and Web3 strategy, the VEXT token aims to empower the Veloce community, giving them the ability to govern key decentralized Veloce assets.

Veloce’s brand incorporates the industry-leading gaming and racing platform, Veloce Esports, and race-winning outfit, Veloce Racing, which competes in the renowned Extreme E championship. Boasting affiliations with major names in gaming and racing like Mercedes AMG, Ferrari, McLaren, and Yas Heat, as well as established joint venture sub-brands such as Lando Norris’ gaming and lifestyle brand Quadrant, the Veloce group is a perfect candidate for Web3.

Offering several benefits to token holders, VEXT will integrate them into the Veloce ecosystem, allowing them to influence the direction of assets within the group, including teams, talent, leagues, and content. Additionally, token holders can transact across games and participate in live interactive sports features, where they can earn rewards such as tokens, early access to merchandise, and real-world events for an enhanced user experience.

The integration of VEXT into an online store, alongside Veloce partners, aims to fully incorporate the Veloce network into a decentralized community, providing further utility to onboard users and reward early adopters. More information on VEXT and its platform will be released in the coming weeks, including announcements of multiple partnerships and integrations.

Veloce Co-Founder and CEO, Rupert Svendsen-Cook, expressed enthusiasm, stating that this venture is the “most exciting thing we have ever done.” With a globally engaged community and a vast amount of utility, Veloce’s ultimate ambition is to become the first truly decentralized global sporting group.

MDRxTech CEO, Tom Grogan, also voiced his excitement for the project. He emphasized the importance of community participation and decentralization while providing real utility and control over the organization that millions of people already care deeply about.

Founded in 2018, Veloce has burgeoned as a multi-pillared gaming and sports media group, operating across some of the UK’s most innovative and rapidly growing sectors. MDRxTech, its partnering company, is a digital transformation consultancy working at the intersection of technology and law, specializing in blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

The introduction of VEXT marks a milestone in Veloce’s evolution and brings together technology, community, and decentralized control, paving the way for an exciting future in their journey to revolutionize the gaming and racing industry.

Source: CryptoDaily

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