Sui’s Entrance into Web3 Gaming: Unique Features Attract Game Developers & Revolutionize NFTs

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Layer-1 blockchain network Sui has entered the Web3 gaming ecosystem with a bang. Despite being the latest addition to the lineup, which includes established players like Polygon, Immutable, Avalanche, and Solana, its unique technical specifications and approach to on-chain assets have caught the attention of game developers.

Sui’s ability to process transactions in parallel and scale horizontally by adding more nodes to keep up with demand allows it to maintain low transaction fees as more games and decentralized apps (dApps) come online. Its creator, Mysten Labs, believes that Sui’s object-based model and dynamically-updated NFTs will prove appealing to game designers.

Unlike its competitors, Sui is not Ethereum-compatible via the Ethereum Virtual Machine. However, Mysten Labs asserts that the network’s gaming-oriented features will attract mainstream gamers. Over 40 games are building on Sui thus far, according to Anthony Palma, Mysten Labs’ Head of Gaming Partnerships.

One distinctive attribute of Sui is its object-based chain, which means the network is well-optimized for games with multiple in-game objects. Sui enables game developers to seamlessly evolve in-game asset NFTs over time as they can change dynamically in real-time based on player achievements and actions. This dynamic model eliminates the need to burn and reissue items to reflect new data, as would be the case on other blockchain networks.

Developers building on Sui have expressed positive feedback on the network’s gaming capabilities. Ghost Ivy, a Web3 game studio, chose Sui because of its usability for gaming. Fares Alu-Taleb, Ghost Ivy CEO, noted that Sui’s features make it easier for developers to keep a game online nonstop without requiring players to interact with the blockchain directly.

Metagame Industries president, Kinson Hou, also praised Sui’s transaction speed and scalability. His company is developing Abyss World, a high-end role-playing game that aims to create a collective, player-driven history in a singular timeline.

In summary, Sui has managed to position itself as an appealing alternative to the already-established Web3 gaming networks. Its object-based model, parallel transaction processing, and dynamically-updated NFTs make it an attractive platform for game developers. As more games build on Sui and the technology’s potential becomes more apparent, it could revolutionize the way developers approach blockchain-based gaming.

Source: Decrypt

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