Stacks Coin Price: Navigating Between Resistance Trendline and $0.67 Support – What’s Next?

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The ongoing correction phase in Stacks coin price has been strictly responding to two technical levels, specifically a downsloping resistance trendline and a horizontal support level of $0.67. The coin price has bounced back twice from both aforementioned levels, which accentuates the traders’ respect for these levels; therefore, it also has a significant impact on the near-future move.

Supply pressures at the overhead resistance trendline of the Stacks price could continue to resonate in a narrow range for a few more sessions. The 20- and 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) offers additional resistance against rising Stacks prices. The intraday trading volume in Stacks is $331.7 million, indicating a 696% gain.

The Stacks coin price resonates between the downsloping trendline and $0.67 support, creating a narrow range in the daily chart for over a month. Moreover, the mentioned levels converging to a single point indicate the altcoin’s price action will narrow before giving an actual decisive breakout.

Today, the Stacks coin price is trading at the $0.76 mark and shows a long-wick rejection near the overhead trendline. This rejection reflects that traders are aggressively selling at this trendline, indicating the correction remains intact.

If the supply momentum were to rise, a daily candle closing below the $0.67 support would offer sellers a new resistance level to pressurize the price for further downfall. The potential downfall may tumble the price 22% down to hit $0.525. On the other hand, a breakout above the downsloping trendline could signal the end of the correction phase and trigger a fresh recovery rally.

Technical indicators such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicate that as the Stacks price retests $0.67, the daily RSI slope rises, projecting the increasing buying pressure at the support level. Additionally, the coin price trading above the 100- and 200-day EMAs keeps the overall market sentiment bullish.

In conclusion, the Stacks coin price intraday levels are as follows: Spot rate is at $0.759 with a bullish trend, medium volatility, resistance levels at $0.775 and $0.86, and support levels at $0.67 and $0.525. This analysis demonstrates that despite some potentially precarious price situations, the market remains optimistic, but caution should be exercised.

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Source: Coingape

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