Cookbook Raises $2M to Boost Web3 Development: Simplifying Processes and Reducing Costs

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Smart-contract registry Cookbook has successfully raised $2 million to accelerate its mission of supporting developers’ Web3 projects. Well-known investors in this funding round included MaC Venture Capital, Tagus Capital, Superscrypt, and Alchemy. The company aims to simplify the development process for hundreds of firms and reduce their overall costs.

Cookbook’s CEO, Tyler Sehr, expressed excitement about using the investment to create a comprehensive platform for web3 developers. The platform will aggregate all the essential resources needed to launch production apps, making it a valuable asset for developers worldwide.

Additionally, as part of the company’s broader initiatives, the funds will also be utilized to develop free educational content for Web3 builders. The educational content will be created in collaboration with developer communities, further augmenting Cookbook’s existing offerings.

One of the platform’s most significant features is providing access to a vast library of open-source smart contract templates and related documentation. Developers can quickly sift through thousands of these templates and choose secure, battle-tested codebases that can be integrated into their projects. Leon Mirochnik, a General Partner at Tagus Capital, praised the value of Cookbook’s tools in helping developers navigate the rapidly expanding world of smart contracts.

Already instrumental in helping over 1,500 developers access more than 3,000 smart contracts, Cookbook’s services are becoming increasingly essential as the landscape of smart contracts continues to spread across the web. The influx of digital asset interest in recent years has led to an explosion in the number of smart contracts available. However, the industry has struggled to establish a solid infrastructure for locating trustworthy open-source templates suited to developers’ needs.

Overall, Cookbook’s efforts bode well for the future of Web3 development. By simplifying the development process, providing tools to locate secure and robust smart contract templates, and offering resources for education, the platform is positioning itself as an indispensable ally for developers diving into the world of decentralized applications.

Source: Coindesk

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