RAC’s CULT Pass: Merging Web3, AI & NFTs to Connect Artists and Audiences

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Electronic musician RAC has entered the world of NFTs by launching the CULT Pass in collaboration with HIFI Labs. Unlike a traditional NFT, the CULT Pass is a dynamic membership pass that only reveals its contents when the owner’s wallet balance is examined. The unique visuals are generated by artist Andres Reisinger and driven by an AI model, while RAC himself provides the audio aspect. According to HIFI Labs CEO Joe Barham, this project explores the possibilities of combining Web3 and AI.

Distribution of the CULT Pass began a few months ago to reward RAC‘s most devoted fans, though it was officially announced last week. The motive behind the project is not to sell a product, but rather to build upon the concept of a stronger connection between artist and audience. In the past, RAC has used the Ethereum blockchain to release albums and experimented with his own ERC-20 token, alongside Patreon and Discord platforms, to create a sense of community within his music.

The aim of the project is to provide ownership of the community, as it transcends social networks. Similar to wearing a favorite band’s t-shirt, the CULT Pass represents a sense of belonging. Currently, there are four iterations of visuals available, and more ambitious features are in the works. In one example, the incorporation of streaming music on Spotify, purchasing gig tickets or watching livestreams would influence the orb’s development. This evolution also grants broader access to features like pre-sale tickets, and creates more immersive membership experiences.

RAC’s approach to this project is non-exploitative, focusing on a membership aspect that encourages genuine participation. While the current orb is centered around RAC and his career, the technology is adaptable as an extension of other artists’ audio and visual identities to drive community engagement.

Though no definite timeline exists for future iterations of the orb, the creative team is continually honing the concept. The project aims to build a fairer system by rewarding loyal fans and advocating for the interconnected value of art and its audience. With its innovative combination of Web3 and AI, the CULT Pass offers a unique opportunity to shape the future of the music industry.

Source: Decrypt

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