Ecoterra’s Green Web3 Revolution: Recycle-to-Earn System and $3.5M Presale Success

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Ecoterra, a noteworthy green Web3 project, continues to make waves with its presale, having already raised more than $3.5 million. Interest in this award-winning project is growing rapidly, as demonstrated by the nearly $500,000 in investments added every week. The project’s unique Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) system aims to promote recycling and carbon footprint reduction among individuals and organizations.

Amid this growing interest in Ecoterra, investors are scrambling to buy tokens before a 10% price increase takes effect in the next stage of the presale. The price change will occur once the $3.925 million threshold is reached, which will move the project into its seventh stage. It’s worth noting that the Ecoterra token (ECOTERRA) is slated for listing on top cryptocurrency exchanges at $0.01 later this year.

The project has not only caught people’s attention due to its strong market performance but also for its environmental impact. Ecoterra CEO Mihai Ciutureanu is acutely aware of the negative effects of global climate change and is determined to encourage recycling as one of the core solutions. He acknowledges that a vast majority of the population lacks the knowledge or motivation to recycle effectively. Ecoterra’s goal is to educate the public on the importance of recycling while providing financial incentives through its innovative R2E system.

Having won an award for contributing to a sustainable ecosystem at the Istanbul Blockchain Summit, Ecoterra has successfully drawn renewed attention to its green initiatives. This recognition allowed the team to popularize the project and gave them the opportunity to hold conversations with major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, opening the door for ECOTERRA to be listed on these platforms. Prominent exchanges at the event included KuCoin, MEXC Global, and OKX.

According to Ecoterra’s whitepaper, the project is set to launch on some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the third quarter of this year. Additionally, the Recycle2Earn application and the Recycled Materials marketplace are scheduled for beta release during the fourth quarter. With these promising plans in motion, it’s no surprise that investor interest in Ecoterra is surging.

Currently, the Ecoterra project has surpassed half of its entire presale, aiming to raise $6.7 million through the sale of ECOTERRA tokens. The influx of investments signals a renewed sense of urgency for potential investors to secure their tokens before the price goes up again.

To participate in the presale, Ecoterra will sell half of the 2 billion total supply of ECOTERRA tokens to the public. As news of Ecoterra’s environmental impact and strong market performance continues to spread, investors should take note and consider supporting this innovative green project before it’s too late.

Source: Cryptonews

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