Chess Meets NFTs: Immortal Game, Polo & Pan Revolutionize the Classic Strategy Experience

Intricate digital chessboard, ethereal light, whimsical electronic tropical theme, play-to-earn, Immortals with unique Polo & Pan designs, vibrant colors, lively animations, audio soundtracks, private tournaments, real-world perks, bridging art and gaming, engaging mood, strategic adventure.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, chess video game Immortal Game and electronic musicians Polo & Pan have come together to add a contemporary twist to the age-old board game. The partnership introduces a limited edition collection of 500 distinct digital chess pieces as NFTs on Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

Immortal Game, a rapidly expanding Web3 project, employs the “play-to-earn” concept, rewarding players with its CMT tokens as they win matches and climb the game’s leaderboards. Polo & Pan, the French electronic music group, was formed in 2013 and is known for their unique blend of electronic, tropical, and world music. The jointly designed chess pieces exhibit the lively and colorful aesthetics associated with the artists.

By utilizing Web3 technology, Immortal Game breathes new life into the strategic depth of chess. Tokenized digital chess pieces, known as “Immortals,” are linked to optional quests that encourage different styles of play. These NFT chess pieces designed by Polo & Pan unveil new quests, grant access to private tournaments, and provide visual animations and audio soundtracks from the artists. Holders also benefit from real-world perks, such as concert tickets, curated Spotify playlists, and voting rights on future collections.

Thomas Zaepffel, co-founder and CEO of Immortal Game, believes that chess is more than just a game, serving as a cultural phenomenon and platform that draws from various areas of entertainment. The collaboration with Polo & Pan aims to make chess more accessible to a broader audience, bridging the gap between artists and gamers in the digital sphere.

Although online chess has existed for fifteen years, Zaepffel aims to reinvent the online experience for players using blockchain and NFTs, as well as create a stronger sense of community, something that Web3 technology facilitates.

With an estimated 800 million players worldwide and 20 million daily matches played online across different platforms, digital chess has acquired a massive following. The Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit,” whose producer Scott Frank now advises Immortal Game, significantly boosted the game’s popularity.

Immortal Game also appeals to younger players like 17-year-old international chess master, Elliot Papadiamandis, the platform’s ambassador for a year. The introduction of quests, especially in Blitz games, reportedly offers an enjoyable experience, making the game’s fun aspects accessible even to those unfamiliar with chess.

Fans and collectors have one week to sign up on the allowlist on Immortal Game’s platform for a chance to acquire these unique Polo & Pan-designed digital assets. The official sale begins on May 19, with 400 NFT pieces priced at $39 each, and 100 special-edition pieces retailing for $399 each.

Source: Decrypt

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