HackaTron’s New Categories Showcase Expanding Blockchain Ecosystem Potential

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The popular blockchain platform, Tron, has announced the results of its fourth ‘HackaTron’ competition, which brought together a diverse range of projects and ideas. A total of 625 participants took part, competing in six tracks, including DeFi, Web3, NFT, GameFi, and new additions: Builder and Eco-Friendly categories.

Ejaz Merchant, Developer Lead with Tron DAO, praised the community’s talent and innovation, emphasizing the importance of collaboration to expand blockchain technology’s potential. It is worth noting that the top projects shared a prize pool of 500,000 USDD, a Tron-based decentralized, overcollateralized, multi-chain stablecoin. In addition, the winners gained access to Tron DAO Ventures and Huobi Ventures for potential capital funding.

A significant development in this season’s HackaTron was the introduction of the new Builder category, which rewards returning teams that have made notable updates to their projects. Elk Finance took first place for its “Farming-as-a-Service” project, set to be deployed on the BitTorrent Chain. This update will enable users and developers to create custom LP farms with no coding skills required.

The Eco-Friendly category, also a new addition, focused on projects working towards sustainability and environmental stewardship. EcoMarket, an open marketplace for used and recycled plastics, secured the top spot. Its aim is to build a platform that encourages recycling and clean storage of used plastics while providing companies with transparent sources of recycled materials.

In the DeFi category, Ergon took first place for its initiative to simplify user access to Tron Stake 2.0. The project allows users to save on transaction fees by renting energy while earning through staking TRX. Meanwhile, Bobbybot.Trade, a decentralized application for trading virtual assets (NFTs) in Steam-based games, claimed the top spot in the NFT category.

The GameFi category saw TronJoy’s blockchain-based game, “Duelers,” take the lead. Players aim to collect as many Tron utility tokens as possible while completing each level in the fastest time. Trustsight by The Tronacles, a crowdsourced reputation platform for on-chain actors, took the top prize in the Web3 category.

Feroz Lakhani, Enterprise Lead with Tron DAO, expressed excitement for the focus on environmental sustainability and “quality testing” all GameFi projects. The HackaTron Community Forum also voted to select “community” winners in each category, with Ergon (DeFi) and TronPower (Eco-Friendly) among the top recipients. The contest’s engagement, determination, and community contribution prizes will be announced on June 1, 2023.

Overall, this season’s HackaTron showcased the expanding innovative potential within the blockchain ecosystem. With newly added categories and a focus on both seasoned projects and eco-friendly initiatives, the competition highlighted the dynamic evolution of the blockchain landscape.

Source: Decrypt

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