Revolutionizing Music Experience in Metaverse: Idol III, NFTs, and Licensing Challenges

Metaverse DJ booth with Idol III, 3D jukebox-inspired device, vibrant neon colors, futuristic cyberspace setting, Steve Aoki's exclusive mix playing, various NFTs from popular artists, lively social gathering of avatars, light beams and visual effects, creative expression, edgy digital art style, energetic mood.

NFT startup Relicsxyz (also known as Relics) has recently partnered with DJ and Web3 advocate Steve Aoki to introduce Idol III, a completely digital, metaverse-compatible music player in the form of an Ethereum NFT collectible. With this launch, Relics aims to revolutionize the way music enthusiasts experience their favorite tunes within virtual worlds.

The Idol III features a unique mix from Aoki’s Dim Mak label, which he personally mixed and mastered. Optimized for metaverse platforms, it is currently compatible with Decentraland, with plans to expand support across more platforms. This recently launched device follows Relics’ previous editions, the Genesis Idol and Idol II.

One of the aspects that sets the Idol III apart is its open edition solely for collectors holding NFTs from various musicians, such as Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, Kings of Leon, and Deadmau5. This collaborative product aims to bring together a dedicated community of music fans and NFT collectors.

Inspired by jukebox culture, Relics’ Idol III focuses on creating immersive, social experiences in virtual environments. Users can play any compatible music NFT from their wallets, while the Idol III continues broadcasting songs for others to enjoy.

Despite its allure, the introduction of a native metaverse music player also presents some challenges for artists regarding licensing and copyrights. Relics is aware of these issues and seeks to ensure that all compatible music NFTs are fully licensed for use in virtual worlds, to prevent potential lawsuits or cease-and-desist efforts.

In addition to fostering a dedicated community of music fans and NFT collectors, Relics’ Idol III also seeks to contribute to the broader metaverse landscape by developing a software kit that will allow builders to integrate Idol III compatibility into various virtual worlds.

Though overall metaverse hype may have dwindled in recent times, the Idol III’s potential to reshape how we approach music within these virtual spaces remains promising. The device serves as an innovative example of how NFTs can continue to provide unique fan experiences and support a sustainable income for artists of all sizes.

As our lives progressively become more virtual, the importance of constructing culture within these spaces is crucial. With music acting as the cornerstone of culture, the Idol III aims to contribute to this transformative movement, further driving the adoption and growth of NFTs in the evolving metaverse.

Source: Decrypt

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