Optional Wallet Recovery Feature: Ledger Addresses Community Concerns & Skepticism

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The well-known hardware wallet manufacturer, Ledger, recently responded to community concerns regarding its controversial new wallet recovery service. On Tuesday, Ledger’s Chief Technology Officer Charles Guillemet emphasized that the wallet recovery feature would be entirely optional for users. Guillemet stated, “You can continue managing your secret recovery phrase all by yourself if that’s why you bought a Ledger in the first place. This is not automatically enabled by any firmware updates,” and added, “This is your choice.”

These comments were made in response to a wave of criticism over the new feature, which some argue goes against the core principles of Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. Numerous crypto community members, concerned that Ledger will have access to their funds, have voiced their skepticism on Twitter. Some users have even gone to the extreme of posting videos of themselves smashing their Ledger wallets with hammers.

However, Ledger reassures users that those opting for the recovery service have little cause for concern. Guillemet explained, “Ledger and our trusted providers have no access to your secret. There’s no backdoor for anyone […] to access it.” He also mentioned that passphrase decryption can only occur after verifying the owner’s identity. In addition, Guillemet emphasized, “Nobody at Ledger or outside Ledger ever has access to it,” referring to users’ passphrases.

Ledger, a French company, has produced the highly popular Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X hardware wallets. As Cryptonews.com reported last year, the company experienced a significant surge in sales after the collapse of

Source: Cryptonews

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