Ripple Acquires Metaco for $250M: Exploring Future of Tokenization and Institutional Adoption

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In a recent exciting development, Ripple has acquired Swiss digital asset custody company Metaco in a deal worth $250 million. This acquisition will make Ripple the sole shareholder of Metaco, allowing the Swiss firm to continue operating independently under its own brand. Known for providing tokenization tools and custody infrastructure for institutions, Metaco has previously served major clients such as Citi, Union Bank, and Bank BNP Paribas.

This bold move signifies Ripple’s intention to expand its institutional offerings, as it aims to equip customers with the technology necessary to custody, issue, and settle any type of tokenized asset. Regular Ripple customers can also expect similar offerings.

Metaco, on the other hand, anticipates accelerated growth due to its newfound access to Ripple’s vast resources and customer base. It is clear that both companies share a proactive approach to working with the current financial system and global policymakers, making this partnership seem well-timed and strategic.

Despite the ongoing crypto downturn, Ripple remains steadfast in its long-term strategy, focusing on making intelligent investments that will prove fruitful in the market’s current climate. Ripple’s head of custody, Sagar Shah, maintains an optimistic outlook, predicting that by 2030, crypto assets under custody could reach or even surpass $10 trillion, driven primarily by institutional adoption.

Shah envisions Ripple being able to provide customers with the ability to custody, issue, and settle any tokenized asset, while simultaneously generating a new revenue stream and growing in lockstep with the industry. This positive view on tokenization is echoed by others in the financial world.

Last December, the CEO of investment giant Blackrock stated that the “next generation of markets” would revolve around the tokenization of different securities. Citi bank’s future of finance lead, Ronit Ghose, shares this sentiment, referring to tokenization as the blockchain’s “killer use case.” Ghose suggests that this technology could grow by a factor of 80x in private markets, potentially reaching a staggering value of almost $4 trillion by 2030.

While the partnership between Ripple and Metaco certainly holds much promise, it is essential to maintain a slight air of skepticism, given the unpredictable nature of the crypto market and the need for strong, robust platforms to support institutional adoption of tokenized assets. However, the combined experience of both companies in working with traditional financial systems and global policymakers may just give them the edge required to make a real impact on the evolving world of tokenization.

Source: Decrypt

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