US Secret Service Holds Crypto and NFTs: Illicit Funds Easier to Track Than Ever

US Secret Service agents with NFTs & crypto in a futuristic office, soft glowing light, cyberpunk aesthetic, agents analyzing blockchain data, mood of intrigue & vigilance, a transparent holographic screen showing tracked illicit funds, subdued color palette with neon highlights.

The US Secret Service recently revealed during an AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit that they are “definitely holders of crypto” and have a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Interestingly, they also claimed that cryptocurrencies have made it easier than ever to track illicit money flows. Representatives from the Secret Service’s offices in the San Francisco area participated in the AMA, expressing their fascination with cryptocurrencies and the potential enabled by blockchain technology.

In addition to protecting important political leaders, the Secret Service investigates certain financial crimes, and they noted that their job today “often involves the world of cryptocurrency.” A significant highlight from the AMA was the agents’ statement that a “vast majority” of reports they receive involve crypto in some way or another. The session aimed to educate crypto enthusiasts about recent crimes and provide insights on how to avoid becoming victims, emphasizing the collaboration between the San Francisco Secret Service chapter and REACT, the agency’s San Francisco-based Regional Enforcement Allied Computer Team.

Remarkably, the Secret Service agents view the shift from cash to crypto among criminals as an “amazing opportunity” to better track the movement of illicit funds. When asked about the difference between illegal crypto and fiat transactions, they emphasized that crypto transactions are irreversible and immutable, which ultimately makes their job easier. In response to another question, the agents suggested that those seeking to cover their tracks should opt for cash transactions instead of crypto.

Referring to themselves as crypto “enthusiasts” in other answers, the agents expressed their willingness to share their knowledge and learn from the crypto community. Additionally, they mentioned that they are looking to expand their team of crypto experts, encouraging those interested in the field to apply.

“Do you want to put your passion for cryptocurrency or cybersecurity to good use? We’re looking to hire 450 Special Agents this year,” they wrote, inviting interested individuals to visit their website for more information. With the US Secret Service increasing its involvement in the crypto space, it demonstrates the growing recognition of digital assets’ potential and the importance of maintaining a watchful eye on financial activities within this rapidly evolving sector.

Source: Cryptonews

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