Beyond the Screen: Shifting Focus from NFT Speculation to Artistic Expression

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London’s pioneering House of Fine Art (HOFA) gallery is once again at the forefront of the crypto art scene with its latest exhibition titled “Beyond the Screen.” In contrast to its 2021 display, which took a more conservative approach with physical sculptures and prints, this exhibition is turning up the digital element by showcasing animated pieces from artists such as XCOPY, OSF, and DeeKay.

Interestingly, the term “NFT” is noticeably absent from the event. According to NFT artist and collector Ovie Faruq, also known as OSF, NFTs should be considered as “just a medium.” He compares it to traditional art forms like oil paintings and photographs, arguing that the focus should shift away from prices and speculation, instead highlighting the work of the artists.

This statement aligns with OSF’s belief that people will eventually start buying NFTs without realizing they are doing so. By avoiding the term and the potential stigma attached to it, the exhibition aims to make digital art more accessible and relatable to the public.

The exhibition features a mix of diverse artwork, injecting a dose of satire and commentary on current market trends. For instance, OSF’s piece, “Super Fan,” features a loner character obsessing over Pepe the Frog surrounded by market charts—a fitting predictor of today’s memecoin frenzy. Similarly, XCOPY’s “MESCO TETRO” references Tesco plastic bags, as one of the last pieces minted on the SuperRare shared contract.

Among other notable artists, photographer Cath Simard’s work is showcased, capturing her thrilling expeditions and dangerous hikes in impressive composite images.

By putting the spotlight on the creative expression found within NFT art, “Beyond the Screen” aims to challenge the perception of the crypto art scene being solely about financial gains and investment. OSF believes that genuine intentions and noble feats permeate the NFT art space, but they can be overshadowed by the association with “crypto bro culture.”

This thought-provoking exhibition highlights the potential of NFTs to transcend economic considerations and underscore the inherent value of artistic expression. As NFTs continue to gain momentum, it’s crucial to keep sight of the creative force driving the medium and the diverse talents it can showcase. “Beyond the Screen” runs at the House of Fine Art until May 26.

Source: Decrypt

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