Cryptocurrency: A New Component in Traditional Finance – Bittrex CEO’s Vision

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The CEO of crypto exchange Bittrex Global, Oliver Linch, has shared his perspective on the future of cryptocurrency, stating that crypto’s central goal should be to establish itself as a brand-new component of traditional finance. Bittrex Global’s US arm has recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the intention to return customer funds and cease its operations in the United States. Nevertheless, the move is not expected to impact global operations.

Linch argued that regulators, particularly in the United States, tend to view cryptocurrency through the lens of traditional finance in an attempt to comprehend its nature. During the Bitcoin Miami conference, Linch asserted that this approach is ineffective and that cryptocurrency should instead be viewed as a brand-new element within traditional finance. However, it is crucial that it still aligns with the fundamental principles of other traditional financial products.

Highlighting his vision, Linch said, “You’ve got securities, you’ve got derivatives, you’ve got crypto. It’s just another component, right?” He also emphasized that the most effective regulatory regimes being established are in countries where engagement with cryptocurrencies is on their terms, rather than forcing them into existing financial frameworks.

Expressing hope for the future, Linch envisions a world where, within five to ten years, cryptocurrency becomes seamlessly integrated into traditional finance, resulting in a scenario wherein events like Bitcoin Miami aren’t necessary. He maintains that effective growth and progress in the industry can only be achieved when regulators adapt to cryptocurrency’s unique qualities and approach its regulation with open minds.

The decision to wind down operations for Bittrex US comes amidst a challenging regulatory and economic environment in the country. Co-founder and CEO Richie Lai stated that regulatory requirements have grown increasingly unclear and enforced without proper discussion or input, leading to a competitive landscape that disadvantages Bittrex. This environment has rendered Bittrex’s US operations economically unviable, prompting the decision to file for bankruptcy.

Overall, Oliver Linch’s perspective raises essential questions about the future of cryptocurrency and its integration within the world of traditional finance. The approach that regulators take will play a critical role in determining the success or failure of this growing industry. As the crypto ecosystem evolves, it is vital for all stakeholders to maintain an open dialogue and foster understanding, ensuring a path toward a more inclusive and effective financial landscape.

Source: Cointelegraph

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