One-Week Extension in Ripple Vs. SEC Lawsuit: Settlement or Summary Judgement Imminent?

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The XRP community has been on the edge of their seats, speculating whether the one-week extension for filing unredacted versions of cross motions, including the Bill Hinman emails, could indicate a larger plan in the Ripple Vs. SEC lawsuit. This development was triggered by the Court’s denial of the SEC’s request to seal the Hinman documents and has stirred a debate in the crypto market on whether this could fast-track the Summary Judgement.

Ripple and the SEC submitted a joint letter to Judge Analisa Torres, requesting to file the documents by June 13, 2023, due to the voluminous nature of the materials. However, attorney John Deaton, representing over 70,000 XRP token holders in the lawsuit, dismissed rumors that the SEC plans to settle with Ripple. According to Deaton, under Chair Gary Gensler, the SEC is fully committed to the battle against crypto businesses, making a settlement unlikely.

Deaton said, “A lot of comments about whether this delay is for settlement discussions. If the Hinman emails were going to lead to a settlement, it would’ve been before they turned them over to Ripple.” This viewpoint counters the optimism surrounding the possibility of a settlement.

On the other hand, US attorney Fred Rispoli believes that the Summary Judgement could be almost, if not 100%, ready to go. Rispoli’s stance implies that the ruling may already be written and could be delivered at any time. With the current crypto market conditions and regulatory scrutiny in the United States, the anticipation for the XRP lawsuit Summary Judgement to be announced by the end of 2023 has only increased.

In addition to the XRP lawsuit, global financial authorities, including US Fed, ECB, and BOE officials, have been calling for more rate hikes, which could cause the Bitcoin price to fall. This backdrop further compounds the intrigue surrounding the Ripple Vs. SEC lawsuit.

In conclusion, the speculation regarding the one-week extension in the Ripple Vs. SEC lawsuit has created a captivating situation for crypto market watchers. While some remain hopeful for a settlement, others believe that the SEC remains entrenched in its stance against Ripple. In the evolving landscape of crypto regulations, this lawsuit serves as a testament to the challenges that both sides face in reconciling differing perspectives on cryptocurrencies and their role in the global financial ecosystem.

Source: Coingape

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