Bridging the DAO Education Gap: New Course by Upstream Launches with NFT Rewards

Intricate underwater classroom scene, crypto-enthusiast dolphins with graduation caps, diverse aquatic plant life, sunray-filtered turquoise hues, Baroque-inspired illumination, lively collaborative atmosphere, playful tokens swirling, air bubbles, Renaissance-inspired generative art on coral-whiteboards, a sense of breakthroughs & empowerment.

In a bid to bridge the gap in decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) education, Web3 educational company Upstream is launching a 24-week online class called My First DAO. The course intends to equip crypto-enthusiasts with the necessary tools to build successful DAOs while fostering autonomous online communities. The curriculum will focus on tokenomics, governance structures, and compliance concepts.

The innovative “learn and earn” model that My First DAO employs is designed to reward students for participating in the program. To enroll, students must mint a “DAOphin,” a dolphin-themed non-fungible token (NFT) created by Process Grey, the artist behind the popular Goblintown collection. Upon completing the course, students can burn their DAOphin NFT in exchange for a generative art equivalent featuring built-in rarity traits. By actively participating in classes, students can increase their odds of acquiring an NFT with rarer traits.

The necessity for this course is rooted in the lack of educational materials for Web3 builders, as noted by Upstream co-founder Alex Taub. He pointed out that numerous people struggle to understand key concepts, such as tokenomics, governance, and voting, which slow down mass adoption. By providing a comprehensive course on these topics, Taub believes many individuals will have their “brains unlocked.”

Students can mint the DAOphin open-edition NFT until May 29, with each NFT priced at 0.015ETH (approximately $30). The course will commence on June 1 and conclude in December with a wrap party at Miami’s Art Basel. Last year, Upstream hosted its first DAO-A-THON, a shark-tank-style competition in which DAO builders pitched their early Web3 community ideas to gain funding.

This year, the course aims to allow students to take over the NFT collection’s intellectual property (IP) and its funded DAO treasury upon completion, thereby empowering them to put the acquired skills to practical use. Taub acknowledged that while many aspects of DAOs may seem impractical, they can serve as a useful means to purchase digital assets in collaboration with others.

In today’s digital age, with increasing time spent online, the My First DAO course promises to provide enthusiasts with a much-needed understanding of the essentials behind DAOs. Education is a crucial aspect that can significantly contribute to fueling mass adoption and utilizing the full potential of decentralized autonomous organizations.

Source: Coindesk

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