Shiba Inu’s Struggle for Price Recovery: Can it Regain Bullish Momentum?

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Amid the current market uncertainty, Shiba Inu price is facing aggressive selling pressure from a downsloping resistance trendline. This dynamic trendline continues to pressure buyers, restricting the SHIB coin’s price spread in a narrow range. However, on the 4-hour time frame chart, the price has shown a decisive breakout from this trendline, possibly indicating an early sign of price recovery. The question remains – can this memecoin restore its bullish momentum?

The recent resistance trendline breakout sets the Shiba Inu price for a potential 14% rise, but this rally may face a significant obstacle at the $0.00000917 mark. The intraday trading volume of the Shiba Inu coin is $81.7 million, exhibiting a 19% loss.

With an intraday gain of 3%, the Shiba Inu price is experiencing a massive breakout from a two-week-long resistance trendline. This development could provide buyers with a strong foothold to climb to higher levels and initiate a new recovery cycle.

Currently, the SHIB price trades at $0.00000877, and if it maintains its position above the breached trendline, the coin can increase by 4.5% to hit the $0.00000916 immediate resistance. This level will pose a significant challenge for coin buyers, as it may extend a sideways trend in Shiba Inu.

A potential breakout above the $0.00000916 ceiling could intensify buying momentum, potentially raising the memecoin another 7-9% to reach $0.00000977 or $0.00001, respectively.

The technical analysis for Shiba Inu reveals the following indicators:

– Relative Strength Index: The rising RSI slope on the 4-hour chart suggests that underlying buying pressure in the Shiba Inu price is increasing, supporting potential growth.
– Exponential Moving Average: The 20-and-50-day EMAs reclaimed by the recent price surge may offer additional confirmation for a price rally.

As the Shiba Inu price currently stands at $0.0000087, it would need a 14% rise to reach $0.00001. The trendline breakout may gradually help buyers achieve this milestone, but the market’s negative sentiment could delay it beyond May. Additionally, traders should remain cautious of the mid-resistance at $0.00000916.

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Source: Coingape

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