AI Celeb Avatars: Innovations, Ethics, and The Future of Human-AI Interaction

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Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, a prominent Twitch streamer and OnlyFans entrepreneur, has now entered the realm of AI with her AI-powered virtual avatar. These virtual girlfriends are gaining immense popularity due to advancements in AI technology, cater to an audience seeking engaging experiences with their favorite celebrities. With AI Amouranth, fans can now interact and receive voice responses to their curious questions.

As AI models become increasingly sophisticated, the possibility of replacing real professionals like doctors, lawyers, and dating coaches has become a subject of popular discussion. AI companions like AI Amouranth and CarynAI, an AI companion developed for influencer Caryn Marjorie, are being created by Forever Voices. OpenAI’s GPT large language model powers these artificial beings, contributing to the realistic nature of the interactions.

The caliber of these AI avatars is evident from the revenues they generate. Marjorie’s AI companion generated $71,610 in revenue in just one week due to the contributions from her 1,000 followers. Given that Amouranth boasts over 6.3 million Twitch followers, AI Amouranth is projected to be a similarly profitable enterprise.

Despite the popularity of these virtual influencers and the revenue they generate, ethical questions surrounding AI interaction and its role in shaping complex human relationships continue to surface. Critics and skeptics of AI technology have been vocal about these concerns as the technology becomes more accessible and widespread.

Companies like Forever Voices are taking measures to address these concerns. The CEO of Forever Voices, John Meyer, informed Bloomberg that the company has implemented procedures to slow down conversations and prevent addiction, paying close attention to mental health situations.

Nevertheless, ethical dilemmas persist as AI continues to evolve and gain popularity. Emotional connections formed between users and these chatbots have already resulted in over-attachment, heightening the need for addressing the ethical implications as platforms like AI Amouranth continue to emerge.

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Source: Decrypt

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