Balancing Human Expertise and AI: The Crypto Customer Service Dilemma

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The future of customer service in the crypto industry has become a topic of discussion as crypto derivatives exchange Bitget has decided to limit the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT due to concerns about misinformation. It appears that these AI-based chatbots have been generating problematic results, including false information about crypto-related topics. This decision also comes in the wake of a survey conducted by the exchange, which revealed that crypto traders have had negative experiences with AI chatbots.

There are those who argue that prioritizing “a blend of human expertise and technological innovation” is a more effective approach than relying solely on AI tools. Gracy Chen, Bitget’s managing director, believes that a combination of human insight and tech innovation is vital, especially since society’s understanding of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy.

According to Chen, “the crypto landscape is complex and ever-changing; it requires keen human insight and intuition to navigate its many twists and turns”. While AI tools have the potential to be robust and resourceful, they lack the human touch necessary to accurately interpret market nuances and trends.

One contributing factor to the limited effectiveness of AI tools in this industry is the quality of the data they are being fed and the algorithm training. As Chen explains, “In our journey with ChatGPT, we’ve learned that AI tools are only as effective as their latest update, training, and the data they’ve been fed.” In other words, if AI tools are not updated promptly and trained adequately with the correct data, their effectiveness may be limited at best.

However, this does not detract from the fact that AI tools can still be a powerful resource when used judiciously. Chen insists that AI should not be considered a replacement for professional financial advice or personal research, and users should remember that these tools are not infallible.

The diverging opinions on the use of AI in the crypto industry highlight a need for a balance between the convenience of technological innovation and the reliability of human expertise. Crypto traders and enthusiasts may eventually benefit from the combination of both, providing a more accurate and efficient user experience. For now, a cautious approach towards the use of AI tools seems to be the prudent path to follow.

Source: Cryptonews

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