Meme Coin Mania: How Scammers Profit and Lessons for Investors

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In recent days, the crypto market has experienced a surge in meme coin popularity, fueled in part by the PEPE coin frenzy. As a result, scammers have taken advantage of this trend to create and liquidate fake tokens, duping investors out of millions of dollars. According to research by PeckShieldAlert, there has been a significant increase in meme coin rug pulls within the past 10 days.

PeckShield identified 24 fraudulent meme tokens, such as BENS, PSYOP, FOG, TINDER, and WorldCoin. These tokens were all issued during the ongoing meme coin craze and were promoted through social media trends. In a recent case, the SEI token was created only for its liquidity to be removed shortly after. PeckShield found that the scammers initially funded 5.19 ETH from the OKX exchange to pump up the price, enticing unsuspecting investors before draining the pool.

The 13th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day saw an influx of fake coins entering the market, with the scammers reportedly profiting over $200,000 from these pizza-related rug pulls. This particular day holds significance within the crypto community, as it marks the first-ever commercial bitcoin transaction. Around 14 pizza-related meme coins surfaced just a day before Bitcoin Pizza Day, with many later being exposed as scams, according to dextool. PeckShield further cautioned investors not to fall for the recently-created token BEREAL.

While the hype surrounding meme coins can be tantalizing for many, it is crucial to maintain a healthy level of skepticism when investing in cryptocurrencies. The phenomenon of fake tokens taking advantage of unsuspecting investors highlights the potential risks associated with the crypto market. Moreover, as these scams keep increasing, the validity of legitimate meme coins may be questioned and could discourage more conservative investors from participating in the market.

Given the continuing uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market, it is essential for potential investors to conduct thorough research and remain well-informed about emerging trends and potential risks. The rise of scam meme tokens serves as a reminder of the volatility of the market, as well as the importance of exercising caution when investing. By staying alert and conducting diligent research, investors can make more informed decisions and protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent schemes. Ultimately, the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market—both good and bad—reinforces the necessity of vigilance and preparedness in order to participate intelligently and responsibly in this rapidly growing sector.

Source: Coingape

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