Exploring Illuvium Overworld: Combining Crypto, Gaming, and NFTs in a Unique Gaming Adventure

Futuristic sci-fi fantasy realm, intricate robot drone M0z4rt, immersive landscapes with harvestable plants, max-graphics AAA-title vibe, minimalistic HUD, whimsical Illuvial creatures, dynamic lighting, serene exploration atmosphere, intense card-based arena battles, unique artistic style, captivating mood, hint of NFT collectibles. (297 characters)

The upcoming sci-fi fantasy video game franchise, Illuvium, is generating excitement as developers recently released a second private beta for the Illuvium Overworld open-world adventure mode. Combining elements of third-person 3D world exploration with card-based arena gameplay in a single-player, role-playing approach, it promises a vibrant and immersive experience.

Players navigate the world with a robot drone called M0z4rt, capable of extracting materials, and a character visor that highlights harvestable plants and objects. The movement in this open world is arguably the game’s most enjoyable aspect, as characters are equipped with boots that allow for “super jump” moves, double and triple jumps, and even flying through the air.

Adding to the experience are detailed graphics and game environments, which resemble a AAA title when played on a PC at max settings with a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 GPU. The user interface or in-game HUD is minimalistic, clean, and well-designed, which is sure to please gamers.

While the private beta was tested without NFTs or crypto elements, it still showed the beginnings of an engaging and beautifully crafted world. The goal of Illuvium Overworld is to explore, harvest and forge materials, and catch Illuvials, the game’s version of Pokémon-like characters.

However, the relaxing experience of exploring and harvesting may not entertain players for long once they have fully explored the world. Fortunately, exploration is incredibly fun and will likely take many hours to complete. Additionally, players can track Illuvials and capture them through virtual battle arenas, with each Illuvial existing both as a collectible card and an in-game character with unique abilities.

Currently in development on Immutable X, Illuvium has already released various NFTs, including cosmetic skin options for M0z4rt, as well as emotes and badges. The game’s ERC-20 token, ILV, has been in existence since 2021 and remains in the top 150 cryptocurrencies by market cap, according to CoinGecko data. However, it is worth noting that the token is down 84% in the past year and is currently priced at around $46.

ILV is used to manage and run Illuvium’s DAO, a decentralized governance community that participates in the game development process and refers to itself as the “Illuvinati.” As excitement for Illuvium grows, the team has already announced plans for its next playtest – an alpha test for its building strategy game, Illuvium Zero – set to launch later this month.

Source: Decrypt

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