3XP Web3 Gaming Expo: Exploring Potential and Debating the Future of Blockchain in Gaming

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The upcoming 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo, taking place on June 8-9 at the Pasadena Convention Center in California, has recently unveiled its impressive lineup of Web3 games, attracting the attention of both gaming enthusiasts and skeptical observers. With over 60,000 Sq Ft. of immersive gameplay booths, live esports competitions, and insightful Web3 gaming panels, the event is poised to be a notable showcase of the technology’s potential.

One key exhibitor, Horizon, is set to display its Web3 developer platform Sequence, featuring games that utilize its smart wallet technology. Some of these games include Sunflower Land, Tower Conquest, and the free-to-play digital trading card game Skyweaver. On the other hand, the Web3 gaming platform Immutable is also generating interest with its fascinating titles, such as the mecha combat game Metalcore and the free-to-play survival-royale horror The Bornless.

The 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo’s esports arena, sponsored by Brave, further highlights the engaging and competitive aspects of Web3 gaming. Equipped with a 5v5 on-stage gaming setup, live commentary, and a community area with 20 gaming PCs available for walk-up playtests, the arena is set to host renowned Twitch streamers, Web3 content creators, and spectators alike. Making use of Community Gaming’s instant payment infrastructure for tournament payouts and quest rewards, attendees will be able to enjoy Web3 games such as Wildcard, Parallel, My Pet Hooligan, and Deadrop.

Beyond the competitive arena, participants can explore numerous Web3 titles, including Champions Ascension, Last Remains, The Machines Arena, and Megaweapon. These games exemplify various aspects of Web3 gaming and its growing impact within the industry.

As a showcase of Web3 gaming’s potential, the 3XP event highlights the underlying elements of digital ownership and open economies in the gaming world. Chris Gonsalves, the event’s co-founder, expresses his belief that all games will eventually incorporate digital property rights, empowering gamers with true ownership of their assets. The immersive roster of games on exhibit at 3XP reflects this vision, providing visitors with a glimpse of what the future of gaming might entail.

Although the concept of Web3 gaming continues to gain traction as an innovative and transformative force within the industry, it is important to approach this technology with a level of skepticism and an open mind. The 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo serves as an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning more about these cutting-edge concepts and their potential impact on gaming. To stay updated with the latest news and announcements, follow @3XPgg on Twitter and visit the Expo’s official website at 3XP.gg.

Source: Decrypt

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