Bitget and Copper Collaboration: Boosting Security for Institutional Crypto Clients

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In a recent development, crypto exchange Bitget announced its collaboration with custody firm Copper, with plans to join the ClearLoop network. Together, the companies aim to offer heightened security and facilitate more seamless trading experiences for institutional clients. How precisely will this work, and what benefits can users expect from this partnership?

Firstly, Bitget’s integration with ClearLoop will allow institutional clients of both firms to store their digital assets securely within Copper’s infrastructure while still being able to delegate these assets for trading on the exchange platform. Essentially, client assets will be deposited on Copper’s platform and subsequently linked to a Bitget account.

This move appears to satiate the demands of institutional crypto investors, who, according to Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget, are primarily in search of ways to safeguard their assets and optimize trading. Chen further adds that the partnership between Bitget and Copper serves as a testament to their ongoing commitment to bolstering confidence among institutional crypto clientele.

However, one might question the approach in which this confidence will be infused. After all, does the collaboration simply provide a single point of vulnerability while centralizing asset management for institutional investors? While it’s true that the integration with ClearLoop adds an extra layer of security, critics might argue that it still poses risks. It can be argued that an ironclad solution for asset security in the blockchain and crypto space remains elusive, but this partnership undoubtedly marks a step forward.

Apart from the implications on security and trading, Bitget’s alliance with Copper further cements its position in the industry. The partnership has made Bitget the sixth exchange to join Copper’s ClearLoop network this year, closely following crypto service provider Matrixport’s recent announcement of its plan to join the platform as well.

Moreover, Bitget has reportedly started a $100 million fund focused on Web3 startups as Asian countries develop a framework for the promising Web3 technology. The fund highlights Bitget’s expansion plans and its eagerness to remain a prominent player in the growing crypto infrastructure.

In conclusion, while the partnership between Bitget and Copper undeniably delivers improved security and trading solutions for institutional investors, questions still remain about its long-term implications. As blockchain technology continues to burgeon, it’s vital that exchanges such as Bitget strive to address the concerns of their users – especially the growing institutional demographic – who are seeking a more robust, efficient, and secure medium for crypto asset management. This partnership surely marks an essential stride in that direction.

Source: Coindesk

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