Rabbids-Themed NFT Avatars on Reddit: Gaming-Blockchain Convergence or Passing Fad?

Rabbid NFT avatars on Reddit scene, white alien rabbit creatures in various outfits, poses with iconic plungers, subdued lighting, vibrant colors, playful mood, artistic style with surreal elements, convergence of gaming & blockchain, hint of skepticism and innovation, no brands/logos, 350-char limit.

Ever since the mid-2000s, Ubisoft’s Rabbids, quirky white alien rabbit creatures, have entertained gamers and even crossed over into a couple of Mario games with Nintendo. Currently, Redditors can claim free Rabbids-themed NFT avatars for their profiles on the social forum site. These digital collectibles come in a variety of outfits and poses, showcasing the Rabbids with their iconic plungers – the primary weapon in early Rabbids games.

The emergence of Rabbid NFTs on Reddit is significant, as previously, Reddit users showed immense interest in the platform’s “Snoo” NFT avatars launched in July 2022. Snoo NFTs have since become one of the most prominent brand NFT launches, amassing a market cap of over $330 million. With over 13.5 million Polygon NFTs released across more than 9.7 million unique wallets, Reddit’s NFTs have seen over $32.6 million in total secondary sales volume across nearly 300,000 transactions.

While some may view the merging of Ubisoft’s gaming characters and Reddit’s popular NFT avatars as an exciting development, others may question whether this expansion is sustainable. One may ponder if the novelty and interest in these NFTs will wane over time, or if the demand for these unique blends of technology and gaming will only continue to grow.

Ubisoft is no stranger to exploring digital ownership through NFTs, facing backlash for early iterations such as Tezos NFTs in the PC version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Despite these initial challenges, the company’s CEO claims that the studio remains in “research mode” when it comes to NFTs. Ubisoft’s recent Assassin’s Creed “Smart Collectibles” launch with Integral Reality Labs (IRL) indicates that the studio is far from giving up on crypto.

In 2020, Ubisoft brought Rabbids into the blockchain world by launching a crypto token game for Unicef’s charity efforts. Rabbids also became the first Ubisoft game characters to receive the NFT treatment in the Ethereum metaverse game, The Sandbox.

In conclusion, the introduction of Rabbids-themed NFT avatars on Reddit highlights the continuous convergence of gaming and blockchain technology. Despite the initial backlash regarding earlier implementations, companies like Ubisoft are determined to explore the potential for digital ownership and push the boundaries of innovation in their respective industries. Regardless of the inherent skepticism, many Redditors are seemingly eager to swap out their Snoo avatars for a Rabbid, plungers, and all.

Source: Decrypt

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