G7 Fallout: Biden Slams Crypto Traders, Tax Cheats, and Republican Backers Amid Budget Talks

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As the Group of Seven (G7) forum in Japan concluded, U.S. President Joe Biden criticized “wealthy tax cheats and crypto traders” as undeserving beneficiaries backed by Republican lawmakers. Biden’s administration is currently negotiating a new budget to prevent a possible debt default, which could occur as soon as June 1.

The G7 is a political forum that facilitates discussions and negotiations among Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. During a press conference, the President highlighted that he had proposed spending cuts of over a trillion dollars, on top of the nearly $3 trillion in deficit reductions through both spending cuts and new revenue.

However, Biden expressed his concerns regarding Republican-backed proposals, emphasizing that he would not agree to a deal protecting wealthy tax cheats and crypto traders while jeopardizing food assistance for nearly 1 million Americans. He also criticized the proposal of $30 billion in tax breaks for the oil industry and $200 billion in “excess payments” for the pharmaceutical industry.

On the contrary, the President believes that it is time for Republicans to accept a bipartisan deal that is not solely based on their partisan terms. His remarks follow various Twitter posts, which accused “MAGA House Republicans” of supporting tax loopholes for wealthy crypto investors and opposing food safety inspections.

Biden’s $6.9 billion budget plan emphasizes the need to modernize rules, including those for digital assets, and apply the same regulations to cryptocurrencies as traditional investments. The White House is also pushing for a 30% excise tax on electricity costs for cryptocurrency mining. Nevertheless, some lawmakers consider this proposal to be a non-starter.

As the deadline for a potential economic catastrophe looms, Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy agreed to restart negotiations in an attempt to reach a consensus on the budget. The President stated that the U.S. has never defaulted on debt and never will, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

This debate highlights the conflict between supporting emerging technologies like cryptocurrencies and ensuring that everyone abides by the same rules and regulations, while preventing wealthy individuals from exploiting the system. It will be crucial to find a balance that encourages innovation yet maintains a fair financial ecosystem for all players.

Source: Decrypt

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